In September 2012 my Mom suffered a massive stroke which impacted over 60% of the left side of her brain. She was unable to walk, had a lot of memory issues, dementia and Alzheimer’s like symptoms. I had little choice but to admit her to a senior living home. She was confined to a wheelchair because she couldn’t walk, her right side being very weak as a result of the damage from the stroke. In November she began a rigorous physical therapy program. In a short time she began to regain strength in her right leg.

Well the good news is, she is now walking with the aid of a walker. She moves around at breakneck speed. The physical therapy worked! She still has some balance issues, but those seem to be improving a bit. She may never be able to walk around without someone by her side to keep her steady, but who knows! A few months ago it looked as if she would be bedridden for the rest of her life.

I am thankful that she has been making such great progress and that I still have her with me.

Me and my Mom
Me and my Mom

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