A Powerful Testimony

On Sunday, August 6th, I delivered the communion message at my church, the Northern Virginia Church of Christ. This wasn’t a message about me, it was all about how God turned things around at the last minute for me. I went from a state of major losses, deep depression, unemployment and hopelessness to a state of incredible thankfulness and joy after a series of three major events all within one month in 2015. Here is my message from Sunday, I think anyone should watch this – not just believers. Mainly because it’s an encouraging story that shows that even in your darkest hour – God is listening, God knows what is on your heart.

Oh and by the way, our spiritual leader (ie. pastor) is a huge New England Patriots fan. Just some context for the ending. ¬†ūüôā

Summer Update

Hey all, just a little update on the goings on here. First and foremost I am working on a new Impromptu for piano which I hope to have done by the end of July (ie. 10 days). After that I will be taking a short break and in late September I will begin the dive into what will be the largest composition I have ever undertaken – a four movement piano sonata, which I hope to have completed sometime around Christmas, before 2018 for sure. So stay tuned for more updates and a new piece soon! Thank you for your continued support.

As always you can hear all of my music at my web site: Opus

New Album coming June 14th!

As if I didn’t just release an album back in May, now there’s another one. This time it’s a collection of works for Piano. The album will go live on Spotify at midnight June 14th, and the album will be available for free download around the same time on my web site! The big difference is, if you download the album off my web site, you get a bonus track, a digital booklet and the album artwork. So mark your calendars for the new album: Works for Piano – June 14th!


NEW WORK! Impromptu in F minor

Just when I thought I might take a little break after the blood, sweat and tears that came from working on my Violin Sonata from January to April, a new piece came to me one afternoon and it was almost completely finished in my head. So I began working on it and finished it today. I am proud to present my new composition: Impromptu in F minor, Op. 49 – this one is called “Dark” or in the German “Finster”. Enjoy! This one is on YouTube and on SoundCloud.

Violin Sonata No. 2 has been released!

I am very proud to announce that the Violin Sonata No. 2 in C Major is now available! You can download the album at the link below (free of charge) and you will get a bonus track, digital booklet and album artwork. If you’re a Spotify user you can hear it on Spotify sometime today by searching for Kevin F.J. Harris.

Download the album here:  opus.pixelworxfactory.com

The Countdown has Begun

The countdown has begun for the debut of my Violin Sonata No. 2 in C Major. On Tuesday, May 16th at midnight – the sonata will go live on YouTube, Spotify and my web site. If you download the album from my web site you get a bonus track, digital booklet and album artwork.

Head over to opus.pixelworxfactory.com on May 16th and I hope you enjoy the new composition!

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Limit those energy drinks!

I have many friends and even family members who swear by energy drinks, it “helps (them) get their day started” or “it helps (them) get through the day”. Sadly new research is showing that excessive consumption of energy drinks is having a very serious impact on¬†health and you¬†may not even know it.

Recent studies on the impact of energy drinks on the body have revealed startling evidence that these drinks could pose a danger to human health. So what exactly did they find happens when you chug down one or more energy drinks?

  1. Your heart rate increases rapidly. Your heart begins to beat as if you were jogging at a normal pace. Heart rates could reach as high as 150 bpm.
  2. The caffeine levels in these energy drinks prevent your blood vessels from dilating properly. So the increased heart rate also means your blood pressure goes up significantly through smaller blood vessels.
  3. It thickens your blood : The caffeine and taurine in these energy drinks can actually make your blood so thick the heart has a very difficult time pumping it through your body.
  4. You are at risk for cardiac arrest. Because your blood vessels aren’t able to dilate normally, and due the the increased thickness of your blood, it can reach a point where the heart cannot get enough oxygen¬†supply and you suffer a heart attack. One individual, a 28 year old, drank significant amounts of energy drink which led to his blood thickening so excessively as to lock up his blood stream, resulting in cardiac arrest.
  5. Excessive amounts of caffeine can impact the electrical system of your heart, causing arrhythmias and other neurological disorders of the heart.
  6. You could suffer caffeine intoxication. Symptoms include: anxiety, insomnia, gastrointestinal irritation, muscle twitching, restlessness and periods of inexhaustibility.
  7. Insufficient research has been done on the impacts of energy drinks on your brain. But doctors have theorized that drinking energy drinks could lead to mental health problems.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, in 2011 over 1500 people were admitted to emergency rooms for energy drink related health emergencies. That number has risen significantly over the past several years.

The Mayo Clinic states that “healthy adults who choose to drink energy drinks should not exceed one can per day.” Most people become so addicted to the caffeine rush produced by these drinks that they simply cannot resist having more than just one per day. Based on the research done, consuming more than one a day could have a significant impact on your health.

Personally, I used to drink between four and six cans of Mountain Dew a day when I was younger. But since then, I have gone without caffeine for over 15 years. I don’t drink anything with caffeine, nor do I drink or eat¬†anything with caffeine-like properties. Honestly, I don’t need it. Neither do you! I would rather feel a little tired over ending up in the emergency room with a medical emergency caused by something I drank.