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Thinking of Kelly

The other day I was driving home after shopping for some stuff and while I sat at a traffic light a memory came to me out of the blue. I remembered the time my sister and I went to see KISS in concert. It was June 2002 and she came down from New York just for this concert. I remembered us driving to Nissan Post Pavilion, talking about the last time I had seen KISS in concert. Now before I go on, let me just tell you that KISS is no longer a band I listen to. I listened to them when I was much younger, just a kid, and the only reason I wanted to see them in concert was to relive some old memories. These days I listen to much harder music (hardcore), but whatever.

I remember Kelly and I meeting up with some of her friends there and we chit chatted for a moment and then moved on. I remembered standing in line with her to buy some beer and we just were talking about how cool it was to be there. Then the concert started and we got to our spots and enjoyed watching the band perform. We laughed about how the band hadn’t really changed much and excitedly told each other, “Oh my God, I love this song!” Then just before the concert ended, Kelly turns to me and yells, “Let’s get out of here as soon as they start playing I wanna rock and roll all nite.” I nodded.

Within minutes that song started and Kelly and I made a bee-line for the parking lot. I remembered turning to her as we were out in the lot, laughing, “I can’t hear anything!” And she laughed back, “I know!” We got into the car and drove home, humming and singing some of the songs we had heard that night.

The light turned green and I suddenly realized my sister isn’t there anymore, and I had to hold back the tears. I haven’t cried for my sister in a long time, I felt I was over that part of the process, but I guess God wanted to remind me that the walls I put up to keep myself focused on today can easily be broken down.

I miss my sister. I really miss her.


How many more lives…

I awoke this morning and pulled up as I always do in the morning. This morning, however, I came to learn that yet another drunk driver has taken the lives of innocent people. Here is an excerpt from the story:

“Film director Bob Clark, best known for the holiday classic “A Christmas Story,” was killed with his son Wednesday in a head-on crash with a vehicle that a drunken driver steered into the wrong lane, police and the filmmaker’s assistant said. The driver of the other vehicle, a 24 year old male, and his passenger were taken to UCLA Medical Center with minor injuries. The driver was arrested Wednesday afternoon and booked for investigation of driving under the influence of alcohol and gross vehicular manslaughter.”

So, as usual, the drunk driver survives and changes the lives of an entire family and their friends. How many more lives must be lost before this country’s government makes the changes that are necessary to drunk-driving laws? How long must this slaughter of innocents go on before our eyes are opened and we realize how flawed our system is?

My sister’s life was changed because of someone’s incompetence. How many more families must suffer as my own family has suffered? Drunk drivers need to be put to death, that’s all there is to it. If you are so irresponsible as to get in a vehicle when you are drunk, you deserve to be punished severely! If you actually kill someone, you are a murderer and deserve nothing less than a death penalty. Maybe then people will begin to think twice about driving drunk.

For now I guess we will just have to continue to bear the injustice as these irresponsible people continue to change lives and, in most cases, take lives.

3:42 AM

It was probably one of the most annoying mornings I have had in a while. At 3:42 AM I was awakened out of sound sleep by a huge BAM!! Which was immediately followed by Tango scurrying from under the covers up to where I was. A huge thunderstorm ensued and poor little Tango didn’t like it one bit. She cuddled up close to me and put her head in the crook of my neck and just lay there quivering and crying.

Now I have to admit, it was a pretty wild thunderstorm, with some pretty big torrential downpours, a lot of lightning and even hail at one point. So all I could do was lay there and help Tango feel better. 20 minutes later the storm had moved on and everything was quiet again. Tango curled up and went of to sleep and I…well…I ended up not being able to fall asleep again. So I got up, wrote some emails and checked on a few things.

It wasn’t until about 6:30 that I finally went back to bed…waking up 2 hours later to get ready for work. Tired. So tired.

When I get home tonight, I am going to bed.

Rare Shopping Spree

As those who know me really well will tell you, it is damned near impossible to get me to go shopping for clothing. However, in a rare moment, I found myself in Springfield Mall shopping for clothes this weekend. Not only that, but when all was said and done I had spent a sizable chunk of money on clothes. So, what has happened to change my attitude about shopping for clothes? I have no clue. Maybe it’s just me getting old? I really can’t tell you.

Fact is, I needed some dress clothes for my upcoming appearance in the show ring with Tango. I got myself a nice blazer, 2 dress shirts, 2 ties, a belt, 2 pairs of dress pants, dress socks and new dress shoes. I then decided, hey I could use some new shirts for wearing to work and around the house, and some new jeans and a new pair of shoes for work and general wear…I am not sure, maybe I have suffered a hormone imbalance and somehow some small feminine part of my being came out.

Well thankfully I didn’t add lipstick, eyeliner or stuff like that to my pile. The funniest thing is, I made three trips to the car with bags because I really didn’t feel like carrying all that stuff, and at the front door to the store I was in there was a woman handing out chocolate bars. The wrappers of these bars were actually coupons that I could use to get 20%, 30% or 40% off the stuff I was buying. So with each trip to the car, upon walking back into the store she gave me a chocolate bar. In the end I had like four coupons that I ended up using.

On the way out of the store I saw a nice dress watch in the Jewelry Dept. I was like, hmmmmm, I could use one of those too. Hell, I am already splurging like crazy, let’s add to the pile. So I asked the guy behind the counter to show me the watch I was interested in. He said, “Ah, you have good taste.” I really liked that watch, so I asked the big question, “How much?” He looked at me, “$300, but today it’s just $191!” I was like…hmmmm cool. So I went home with a new dress watch on top of the shirts, jeans, shoes, socks, dress pants, underwear, ties, blazer, belt and above all else, hands covered in chocolate.


The other day I was asked, at work, to put together a DVD containing a videotaped interview with a soldier over in Iraq named Darrell R. Griffin, Jr. The reporter who interviewed him asked me to do this for a specific reason, which I will disclose in a moment.

So I started putting together the video, added some titles to the beginning to identify who the person is and where the interview was taking place and when. I then watched a good chunk of the video. What I saw was a young man, serving his country and fighting in a war that really shouldn’t be happening. He couldn’t be older than perhaps 34 years of age. He is married, hasn’t had any kids yet and has a sister who hails from Texas. He talked about some of the missions he had gone on, described some of the horrors he has seen. He talked about women and children dying in front of him and combatting the insurgency in Iraq.

I felt very proud of this young man, that he was enduring so many traumatic events in this, his second tour of duty. He has strong feelings about the people of Iraq who are the ones suffering and dying, moreso than the American occupation forces. So I wrapped up the DVD and burned it to a disc. I called the reporter and said it was ready and he came to pick it up.

I asked him, so who is this DVD for? He said, for the family of Darrell Griffin, to be shown at his funeral next week. He took the DVD and left me sitting in my cubicle feeling empty and full of sorrow. Darrell was killed by small arms fire on March 21st. In an instant all I had seen on the video flashed back at me. I thought about his wife, his family and friends. I mourned someone I had never met except through the reporter’s recording of the interview. But the sad fact is there are countless more American soldiers like Darrell, young and with so much of life ahead of them, who are being killed. I could mourn them too, but somehow watching Darrell’s interview made it possible for me to mourn his death. I felt as if, for a brief moment in time, I knew Darrell as a friend. And so I mourned him as a friend. God speed Darrell.








SSgt Darrell R. Griffin, Jr.
Announcement from the Dept. of Defense:
Staff Sgt. Darrell R. Griffin Jr., 36, of Alhambra, Calif., died Mar. 21 in Balad, Iraq, from wounds suffered when his unit came in contact with small arms fire during combat operations. Griffin was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 3rd Infantry Regiment, 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, Fort Lewis, Wash.

Aargh! Spring is here

There is nothing so comfortable as the winter months when you are an allergy sufferer. October through February are like heaven. I woke up this morning and my eyes were so itchy I felt like pulling my eyes out of their sockets and then taking a scrub brush to the insides. LOL! So from now until early June I will be a sniffling, sneezing, red, swollen, eyed freak. The trees are out there having sex like crazy and I am sure somehow enjoying it, but making me miserable.

But you know what the good thing about Spring is? Driving down M Street in Georgetown on a warm spring day. Woah baby, now that’s what I call sight seeing. The women are dressing light and revealing and walking the streets. No wonder there are so many accidents on M Street during the spring and summer. The guys aren’t looking at the road, they are looking at the hot babe with the scarce clothing.

The only other thing I like about spring are the thunderstorms. Oh yeah, there is nothing like a torrential downpour coupled with the flashes and bangs of a thunderstorm. And there are two reasons for me liking this weather phenomenon. First, I just love seeing the power of nature unleashed, watching the people flee for cover and hearing the huge blasts of thunder. Second, the torrential downpour washes away all that wretched pollen. That’s one way to make those trees stop having sex, well for a little while at least.

Ah yes, spring has sprung. Now I just sit here, take my allergy meds and count the days until October returns…and that cold, dry air makes its way toward making me happy again.

It’s Show Time for Tango!

Last night I had my weekly Show Class for Tango and we had a GREAT time! She did great, I think I did pretty good. Our trainer, Lisa, believes we are ready for the show ring. So our first show will be in Manassas on May 19th. I am going to be picking up paperwork from our trainer on Saturday to enter Tango in that show.

Then I am off to the mall to get a dress shirt, blazer, dress pants, socks, new shoes…ugh…and a loan from the bank (kidding).

Here are a couple pics of me gaiting Tango (If you don’t know what gait is, look here).