We need our space program back!

What truly saddens me is you don’t see this amazing sight anymore – the launch of an American spacecraft, the cheers from the thousands of onlookers, the excitement and thrill of the ride to orbit. Instead we now rely on Russia to launch our astronauts to space and private space companies to resupply the International Space Station. It’s just a disgrace. Now China is preparing to begin a series of launches toward the goal of landing on the moon. India is also ramping up their space program, and let’s not forget about Japan and the European Space Agency. America’s space program lies in waste as funding continues to be cut, as we wait for NASA who is trying to build the next generation of spacecraft to take us to the moon and beyond – yet continues to have its budget cut. Space isn’t a frivolous venture, it’s one with incredible returns in science, medicine and exploration. I miss seeing those mighty ships lift off from Kennedy Space Center proudly wearing the American flag. I hope to see it again someday.