Violin Sonata is done!

I am proud to report that the bulk of the work on my second Violin Sonata has been completed. Now I just have to go back through the score and make notation tweaks and cleanup. The sonata will debut online on May 16th! Look for a post then.

In the meantime, the CD cover has been revealed…



Save the date! May 16, 2017

The debut of my second Violin Sonata is now set for May 16, 2017 (God willing). I began working on this sonata last fall, and while work on it has been slow – things are picking up. The first and second movements are finished and work will be progressing on the third movement, which is about halfway complete, over the next couple of weeks. This will be one of my longest pieces to date and probably one of my best works. I have put a lot of myself into this work, so I hope you enjoy it. I will, of course, post the YouTube video here on May 16th. Stay tuned!


Allergies 101 for People without Allergies

I designed this infographic to demonstrate what allergy sufferers have to deal with. For me, this is the beginning of the peak of my allergy season, which will run until early June. While not all allergy sufferers have all of these symptoms of allergies, I do.

So if you do not have allergies, read, learn and understand our suffering.


Violin Sonata Progress

For the past three months I have been pecking away at my Violin Sonata No. 2. Well made some big progress in the past couple of weeks – the first movement is done! Second movement is in progress now. Third movement is 30% done. I was hoping to have this thing done by the end of April, but it’s more likely going to be mid-May. That’s fine with me, just as long as it’s done by then. I have several more pieces of music waiting in the wings.

If you haven’t done so, swing by my music site: where you can hear my music. Enjoy!