So way back in 2007 a company called The Iconfactory released a twitter client called Twitterrific. It was an amazing app with amazing features and quickly ascended to being one of the best twitter clients available. With a huge user base, the app won awards and escalades. But sadly the company’s resources were drawn thin as the iOS version of the app required more attention, because iOS and it’s user base was growing at an incredible pace. Sadly that left Twitterrific for Mac out in the cold and it eventually waned into obscurity because it simply couldn’t keep up.

Now the awesome folks at The Iconfactory are wanting to revive Twitterrific for MacOS, but they need your help! For just $30 you can help get this project rolling and a fresh, modernized, Twitterrific app out into the world. For that thirty bucks you get not just the final version of the app, but also

  • Beta versions of Twitterrific for Mac
  • A registered copy of iPulse 3 for Mac
  • Packet of Iconfactory & Twitterrific Phoenix stickers
  • Final retail version of Twitterrific for Mac

There is also an option for $15, in which you will get the final retail version of the app. For more money you can get a t-shirt, more apps, and other great stuff.

So as someone who loved Twitterrific back in its heyday, I would like to urge you to support this project. I have nothing but the highest regard for some of the people working on this project, they inspired me when I was starting out as a graphic artist and have continued to do so to this day. Not only that but I feel that the new Twitterrific is going to be more like Twitterawesome. So please help out, contribute what you can and help Project Phoenix soar!

Head over to their Kickstarter page and take a look at their short video and let them tell you more about the project!







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