Don’t look back! Forget the past.

You know there’s a lot of pain and sorrow in my past. I lost my entire immediate family in a two year span. I have been in mourning, and I never even knew it. A friend of mine and I were having a heart to heart talk a few weeks ago and I was telling him about all the problems in my life right now, he said “Kevin, you’re still in mourning. You are still mourning the loss of your family.” And when I thought about it, he was absolutely right. You see the problem is, when we lose a loved one as close to us as a father or sister, it hurts big time. That hurt goes on and on even when we think we have moved on from it. You can be as strong as you need to be for your family during those times, but eventually those walls you put up are going to crack and fall down. When they do, things go a little haywire. Because you are now dealing with emotions and you don’t know where they’re coming from. The fact of the matter is, they’re coming from one place…


So I have been studying God’s word, via a series by pastor James MacDonald of Harvest Bible Chapel (I love that guy tons), for the past several weeks trying to teach myself to think differently about a lot of things, and this is what I have learned so far: there are a large number of strongholds in my personality right now that need to be torn down, demolished, crushed and stomped on. One of these is the past and that gigantic pile of emotional garbage that is sitting there stinking up my life. It’s time to take out the garbage!

One thing James MacDonald used in one of his recent sermons is a rear view mirror. We have metaphorical rear view mirrors stuck to our foreheads. And when we’re sitting alone and our brain has time to overthink, especially during the holidays, about times past — we are looking into that rear view mirror and what we are revisiting is crushing our spirits, decimating the joy and peace God wants us to be experiencing in our lives by his grace and love.

So this year I challenge myself and I challenge you, dear reader, to rip off that rear view mirror stuck on your head. Throw it away! Don’t look back anymore! That doesn’t mean you forget about the lessons you have learned, but you toss out that pile of stinking, nasty, emotional junk that is clogging up your brain and keeping you from a state of happiness.

God wants you to be happy, and most of all He wants you to be planting your nose in his word and learning, listening, and becoming a better person – to live a life filled with love and encouragement for all those around you.  So don’t look back anymore. Yesterday’s gone…and no amount of prayer, tears or heartache is going to change what was. Instead, focus on the here and now, and what’s down the road ahead. If you drive looking behind you all the time, you’ll get nowhere good.

Have a great 2017!