Centuries ago, Christmas was all about the birth of Jesus Christ. It was a sacred time of year to be with family and celebrate Jesus’ birth. While people gave each other gifts, it was very cordial and, in most cases, nothing to write home about. Christmas was a blessed time of year and a large majority of people looked at it as not a time of gain, but a time of sincere worship of God and the fact he brought his son into the world to save mankind.

Today Christmas is more about what I want, what she wants, what he wants, what they want than celebrating the birth of Christ. The majority that rules now is the me generation, what can I gain from this? Materialism. Fighting other people over an object that is the latest fad gift for their kid, that their child has demanded they get for Christmas or they will make Mommy and Daddy’s lives miserable. The true meaning of Christmas is still alive for many believers – but for the majority of the population is all about greed, materialism and who cares about a make-believe God and his zombie son.

It’s absolutely pathetic the way our society has degenerated into a selfish, prideful, me me me society. While there are still good people out there (most of which are believers), there are more selfish, greedy, people than anything else. This is not to say those greedy people didn’t exist centuries ago, but unlike today they were in the minority.

So this Christmas I challenge you to think differently! I offer you the suggestion that you can celebrate Christmas and think of others before yourself. Often times the things we want, we want because we think they will make us happy. We think they will satisfy some need. In most cases, wanting is far more appealing a thing than having. This season, take a moment to think of others. Show other people mercy, and by that I mean put yourselves in their shoes – consider how they feel and that they are human beings just like you. They are just as imperfect, just as flawed, have the same dreams, feelings and so on just like you. Give someone the gift of patience and understanding this Christmas. In the grand scheme of things, all those gifts that get opened on Christmas Day, will be sitting and gathering dust a year down the road. Then it will be the next big thing, and the next big thing, year after year. Take a moment to consider, what are the five most important things about Christmas, other than the obvious religious things?

  1. Family.
  2. Friends.
  3. Loving EVERYONE, regardless of race, beliefs, etc.
  4. Being patient with EVERYONE, including your kids.
  5. Humility.

If every person on earth focused on these five points, it would be a much better place.

I wish you and yours a very blessed, happy and safe Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and all the other awesome celebrations of the season.


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