As a graphic artist it’s vital to keep as organized as possible. So I thought I would share with you the tools I use to keep my design life organized.

First and foremost, all of the apps I choose to use have both mobile and desktop apps, because using one app for to dos on your phone and a completely different app for to dos on your desktop is just stupid to me. Let’s get started…


To Do List : Wunderlist

I cannot tell express how utterly lost I would be without my list of tasks. For this I use an app called Wunderlist. This app, despite being a sell-out to Microsoft, is about the best you can get right now. There are some better solutions down the road, but for now I use this app and try to forget it’s owned by Microsoft now. Wunderlist has a beautiful user interface and great features. It has a silky smooth sync between your iOS/Android devices and your desktop/laptop. You can add notes within tasks, assign the to dos to various categories and if you go Pro then you can share your tasks with others in your workgroup. Right now I give Wunderlist a 5 out 5 stars. I’m sure Microsoft will find some way to destroy this beautiful app, but for now it’s a great tool.

You can check Wunderlist out at their web site:


Project Tracking : MeisterTask

So about six months ago I was using MeisterTask to keep track of my projects, but then kinda fell away from it because I got tired of having to access it via my web browser. Well now, thank goodness, they came out with a Mac app and I have resumed using this awesome tool to keep track of my projects, the various pieces/parts of the projects, what’s planned, what’s in progress and what has been finished. The user interface is rock solid gorgeous and simple. They have an app for iPhone and iPad which are beautifully kept in sync with your web and/or desktop app. They should have Android and Windows apps coming soon (currently in beta). I give this app 5 out of 5 stars. The only thing that kinda bugs me, and believe me it’s a small thing but big enough to bug me, is I can’t add my own beautiful background photos – I’m stuck using what they provide. Other than that it’s awesome. By the way, there is a free version and a Pro version – so if you need more power and such, you can go Pro.

You can check out MeisterTask at their web site:


Team Communication : Slack

Okay so you are keeping track of your tasks, keeping track of your projects, but there’s another big big facet of getting work done and that is communicating with your team. For that there is just nothing better than Slack.  As Lead Designer of my company, Omnilert, I rely big time on being able to communicate with my boss, the guy writing the code for our apps and other members of our team. Without this component in my day to day work, I would be on the phone half the time and emailing large images and design work. That’s so 20th century. So thank goodness for Slack. I can send comps, mockups, wireframes, videos of prototypes and most important of all – can have discussions and conversations with my team. I give Slack 5 out of 5 stars for awesomeness.

You can check out Slack at their web site:


Important Dates : Fantastical 2

So I have been a big fan of this app since it first reared it’s hot little head about two years ago. Fantastical is an awesome calendar app which integrates with Wunderlist for putting tasks on the calendar, allows you to use real wording when making appointments. So instead of going through all the steps of putting in a date and time and name of the event, you just type naturally: “Meeting with Steve next Tuesday at 9:30am”. The app graduated into a full fledged Mac app last year and it just owns with a rock solid user interface and experience. The iPhone and iPad apps are also top notch awesome! I give Fantastical…can you guess? That’s right, 5 out of 5 stars! Because I don’t use apps that aren’t 5 star awesomeness.

You can check out Fantastical at their web site:


So there you go, now you know the tools I use EVERY DAY to get my job done and make sure I am on top of what I need to do. A huge thanks to these app developers for busting their buns to make incredible software that is, to quote the immortal Steve Jobs, “insanely great.”



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