We are having some of the coldest weather of the season right now and I felt inspired by it, and wrote this…

by Kevin F.J. Harris

There she stands before me,
tendrils of an icy chill flowing,
icy tears fill my eyes, I cannot see,
but I feel the touch of my lover.

Layers of garments she doth ignore,
as if I were naked like the day of my birth,
for her icy embrace I do so implore,
for she is all that I love and all that I want.

I smile and laugh as I feel that icy embrace,
oh it’s been too long since I felt such bliss,
I wrap my arms around her, she touches my face,
I freeze, this penetrating cold is my Heaven.

There is nary a shiver, no chattering teeth,
I make love to my beloved winter with a passionate kiss,
rejoicing and freezing my senses seethe,
cover me with snow, ice and sleet, it vexes me none.

The cold bleeds through me,
rushes into my veins, into my blood,
it freezes my plasma, like a frozen, salty sea,
she flows through me, turning every cell into ice.

Tendrils of frost seep into every atom,
she is now united with me and I with her,
sweet beloved winter, you encompass every stratum,
I love you with my heart, my body, my soul.

And as the light fades from my eyes,
I am submerged in the water of her life,
the cold water, transforming into snow and ice,
I find peace and my maladies now fade, in her embrace.

I feel her tender kiss, her frosty touch,
she wraps herself around, taking me in frozen arms,
I have waited months, dealing with heat and such,
now to feel her arctic touch, her loving hold on me.

I love you Winter, I tell you I love you so,
while others cower from you, I run headlong to you,
that frozen embrace they will never know,
I feel joy and pleasure when you are with me,
and utter sorrow when in Spring you are forced to go,
through summers torment, hate and spite,
when you return again, the suffering fades,
my lover has returned for me to behold,
and I am at peace, filled with happiness and joy,
to once more feel that love, to feel the cold.


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