Monday morning I woke up and felt this rock in my gut knowing it would be my last full day with my family. We more or less relaxed for most of the day, enjoying some baseball games, most especially the Royals game, and just being together. We cheered on the Royals as they came from behind to win game 4 of the ALCS. Later Monday night we all went out to Jack Stack Barbecue and we all enjoyed a wonderful dinner together. We went back to my Mom’s place and relaxed again and watched the Cubs game together. Then the moment came to say our goodbyes.

I hugged my Mom and tears welled up in my eyes, I wish could have stayed another week – but ultimately I would have had to say goodbye either way. I couldn’t help but cry as I hugged my sister Lisa and said farewell to my brother-in-law.

My sister Kim drove me to my hotel and I walked into my room, dropped everything and just cried my eyes out. I don’t know why, but I was really emotional about leaving my Mom and my sisters. I began packing up so I could walk out the door in the morning. I didn’t sleep hardly at all that night – I kept waking up. I eventually got up around 6:30am and started prepping for my trip home to Virginia.

Around 7:30am my sister Kim picked me up at the front door of the hotel and off we went to the airport. When we arrived and I hugged her goodbye, again I cried. I was just so sad at having to leave.

At 10:10 AM I boarded my plane and looked out the window to take one last look at my home away from home. The place where I had been born. We took off and two hours later I was back in Virginia, still carrying a profound sense of sorrow. When I finally made it back to my apartment – I just crawled into bed and took a three hour nap.

While I am sad about leaving these people I have come to love with all my heart, man I had an amazing trip and all the times we had were a BLAST! Even better, I lost ten pounds while I was there. So that’s a bonus! I have tons of photos and all of the memories to cherish. Not only that I know my Mom and my sisters are just a text or phone call away.

God willing, next year I will see them again and we will build some more awesome memories.


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