Yesterday I flew to Kansas City, MO to meet someone I hadn’t been with in over 50 years. Back when I was born I was put up for adoption because my biological parents were having a lot of problems with their marriage. They thought it was over. So rather than my mother having to raise two young kids alone, it was decided to put me up for adoption. Later they patched things up and went on to be married for 50 years. Last May they found me through a DNA test I had done two years ago in an effort to discover my medical risks (since I didn’t know anything about my family’s medical history).

So yesterday my biological mother and two sisters met me for the first time. It was an awesome awesome day and I love these people as much as if I have been with them my entire life. I just feel this inner feeling that tells me, “These are your family members, they have the same DNA, the same blood runs through their veins as does yours.” So I wasn’t anxious or nervous about meeting them, I was incredibly overjoyed.

So about 15 minutes after I arrived at my hotel here in Lees Summit, MO, my mother and younger sister arrived and we hugged for what seemed an eternity. Mother and son were once again together. Later in the day my older sister, and her husband, arrived after a 7+ hour drive from Chicago and once again we hugged for a while. Everything felt just incredible, I felt like I had come home.

We went out for dinner, we had a good time. We watched some baseball together before I was feeling exhausted since I had been awake since 5am yesterday. So day 1 in Missouri was awesome and I know the days left in this visit will be equally so.

Some photos from Day 1:

12075054_10154218761233765_4610777620789801051_n 12068620_10154217634778765_2816109159249905659_o 11218876_10154217637923765_7316663943547254415_n 22229_10207720374591997_8581738526555004651_n


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