I am pretty upset right now and I have been for days. I have been holding off posting this to my blog because I didn’t want my emotions to cloud my message.

As you no doubt have heard, a man from Minnesota has killed an innocent creature, a lion named Cecil, in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. The lion was a popular tourist attraction as he was a very regal looking lion with a beautiful mane of beige and black. He was also the dominant male, the Simba, the Lion King, of his Pride. Now he is dead because of one mans greed and selfishness. Walter Palmer, a dentist, paid $50,000 to a safari guide to find a lion and kill it. They found Cecil and lured him off the grounds of the park. Palmer always used a bow and arrow to take down his victims, this time was no different. Unfortunately for Cecil, the arrow did not kill him. They had to find him again as he ran off and they lost him. For forty hours while Palmer and his guides tracked him, Cecil was bleeding, in pain and suffering. When they finally found Cecil again, he was lying in some brush. Palmer’s guides used rifles and shot the lion several times, Cecil died. They quickly began to skin the lion and then realized there was a GPS collar on him. A group of researchers at Oxford University in Great Britain were studying Cecil. Palmer and his guides attempted to destroy the collar. They then beheaded Cecil and Palmer posed for a photo with his new prize.

But what Walter Palmer did was set into motion a tragic series of events. For you see lions live in a hierarchical system. Since Cecil was the leader of his pride, and is now dead, the next lion in the hierarchy will take control of the pride. That lion’s name is Jericho. Now what Jericho will do, with absolute certainty, is to kill all of the cubs born to Cecil this year and he could even go after yearling cubs as well. The females who bore those cubs this year, as any mother would, will defend those cubs to the death. So not only will the cubs die, but some or all of the females who bore them. This is a very sad state of affairs what this man, this criminal, has done to this pride of lions. The worst thing that could happen is the pride fails, leaving lions wandering without a pride. This will mean almost certain death to those lions as they work together as a unified group in hunting. It’s not like they can just walk over to another pride and join it. It doesn’t work that way. A lion on his or her own, is doomed to a life of great difficulty and very likely death.

So let us thank this man, Walter Palmer, who has decimated not only one lion, but that lion’s entire family. In hopes of justice being served, I ask you to sign a petition at the White House web site. To have Mr. Palmer extradited out of the country to be brought to justice in Zimbabwe. If I were the judge there, I would sentence Mr. Palmer in a way that was traditional to the Romans – he should be fed to the lions.

Please sign this petition, for Cecil, and his cubs who are no doubt already dead.

Cecil and one of his lionesses, sharing a tender moment - never again to happen.
Cecil and one of his lionesses, sharing a tender moment – never again to happen.

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