Welcome to Memorial Day weekend 2015. During this weekend I would hope everyone would take a moment to understand what this weekend means, what it’s all about.

It’s not about a three or four day weekend, it not about sitting on the beach and getting a tan. It’s about honoring Americans who DIED for this freedom we enjoy. Those people are gone, they’re dead, they no longer have the ability to enjoy all this life has to offer, and they died for this country, for all it represents. Take a moment. While you’re grilling your hot dogs and burgers this weekend, remember this wonderful freedom we enjoy was paid for with our most precious blood.

Fathers, sons, daughters, mothers, all paid the ultimate price so you could achieve your dreams, be who you want to be and enjoy all that America represents and offers. There are people elsewhere in this world who are oppressed, who can’t walk out of their homes and fire up a grill and enjoy a juicy steak with baked potatoes, or go to the beach and relax under the sun.

Don’t take this for granted. People died for your freedom. You can at least take a moment this weekend to honor them and remember their sacrifice.

That’s what Memorial Day is all about. May all those who gave their lives for their country, or who served our country and have passed on, be blessed by God and be at peace. I thank you for your sacrifice. To those who are still with us and have served this country, God bless you and thank you for your service!


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