In 1997 I began working on what would have been my first opera. It was to be a comic opera (opera buffa) in one act. The name of the opera was “La Ricetta di Amore” (The Recipe of Love). The task of composing something so daunting as an opera ultimately decided its fate. The chances it would ever be performed were zero and I had a ton of other works waiting in the wings that I wanted to finish. So the opera was abandoned, some pieces were recycled into other works and the entire thing just went into my vault of unfinished and abandoned works.

In 2014 while going through this vault I rediscovered the parts of the opera that were mostly finished and decided I wanted to go ahead and present those parts as they were. But I had many other irons in the fire and never got around to making that video until now. In this video I talk about the opera and then you get to hear the six pieces and one fragment, all that exists of the opera I never finished.


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