I have many friends who are gay and I am writing this for them. While I am a heterosexual, I think everyone – regardless of sexual orientation – deserves to live their life as they wish, free of bigotry and hatred aimed at them. I am also a Christian, I believe in the word of God and I know all about what the bible says about homosexuality. But you know what, it’s not my place to judge ANYONE in this life. That’s God’s job! So for all my gay friends – I write this for you, for all Americans…

Yesterday Indiana governor Mike Pence made it possible for businesses to refuse to serve people who are gay. This law goes against everything America stands for. It is unconstitutional. I demand a call to action that all companies who do business in Indiana, to those groups who organize events in Indiana, pull out and refuse to do business with the state of Indiana. While this will hurt jobs and people’s lives – this law is hurting people’s lives! Are we so ignorant and blind to what this law represents? It’s the 1960s all over again, this time rather than African-Americans being the target for people’s hatred and racism, gays and lesbians are now the targets. It’s a whole new civil rights movement.

We don’t need more violence, we don’t need more hatred, we need bigots like Pence to be taken out of office and for all Americans, regardless of religion, race or sexual orientation, to be able to live life in this land of the free.

I want to see more Americans rise up and answer the call to protest this hateful law!

In the state of Indiana, the Hoosier state, there is a philosophy called “Hoosier Hospitality”, it stands for being kind and supportive to your neighbor, your fellow Americans. To open your door and welcome people as if they were your family. We who call ourselves Americans are all family, we all want to live in this country, seek out our dreams and make them happen, go to work everyday and do great things for our country.

This new law in Indiana goes against all of that. It alienates those who are gay. And that goes against everything “Hoosier Hospitality” stands for! It goes against everything AMERICA stands for!

Make the Indiana legislature retract this law, make them see it is unAmerican, it is rooted in hatred and bigotry – which is not what America needs right now.

A close friend of mine, someone I consider family, made a video which clearly states everything that Hoosier Hospitality stands for and how this law goes against the Indiana way.


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