a poem by Kevin Harris – March 17, 2015

The last bit of snow is fading into the earth,
the trees are waking from their long slumber,
small buds pop forth as spring gives birth,
the days grow warm to me, oh such a cumber.

But today the wind blows with a whisper,
my sweet beloved winter gives a parting gift,
the air is crisp and full of that wintertide,
I deride at how spring by winter is thusly biffed.

She caresses my face and I close my eyes,
enraptured by her embrace, in absolute bliss,
her cold tendrils, her frosty touch is what I prize,
but this is her last tender touch, winter’s last kiss.

Into the dark abyss of summer she will fall asunder,
spring and summer’s advances do I so spurn,
but winter whispers to me, “my love, never wonder,
for like the rising of the sun, I will soon return.”

On that day I shall run headlong into her embrace,
tears streaming down my face, as I wait and contemplate,
my lover’s return with the snow falling upon my face,
until that time comes, warmth and misery are my fate.

Farewell for now my dear, sweet, cold and icy lover,
I will be faithful only to you my love and no other,
My days will be filled with the bright, burning sun,
until spring and summer’s tyranny is done.

I love you with all my heart, with all my soul, my all,
for in the fall, your first kiss will grace my cheek again,
and we shall once more be one, in harmony, in love,
and the world shall once more be your wintry domain.


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