Well I am sure that everyone has their own tales to tell regarding Stranglethorn Vale, especially if you play on a PvP server. I myself fell prey to the gankage that happens there. This week’s shot of the week is the first in a three part series, simply because no one shot can sum up the incredible awesomeness of Stranglethorn. So for starters we begin in Northern Stranglethorn just outside the camp of the bold explorer Hemet Nesingwary.

Northern Stranglethorn (also referred to as Stranglethorn Jungle) is an expanse of jungle in southern Eastern Kingdoms. It is part of the greater Stranglethorn Vale region, separated from the Cape of Stranglethorn by The Sundering. This dense, tropical and resource-filled jungle has holdings of many factions whose agendas conflict or intertwine in the zone’s story. The Jungle Troll instance Zul’Gurub is located here.

You can download or view a full resolution version of this week’s shot HERE.


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