So after a few months of absolute boredom, the next expansion of World of Warcraft launched last Thursday. Well, things did not go very well. There were server crashes, incredible lag issues and more. The servers just could not handle the number of people trying to all play in the same place. Here’s how it went for me, leveling my hunter…

Wednesday, November 12

6pm Eastern Time/Midnight in Europe – Warlords of Draenor launches in Europe.
7pm Eastern Time – European servers crash, there are a ton of issues with latency and lag. The game is unplayable.

Thursday, November 13

8:30am  – I log into World of Warcraft, there are a number of issues, NPCs appear and disappear, actions such as looting are nearly impossible and take up to 2 minutes to complete.
9:05am – Zul’jin, the server I am on, crashes.

By noon, I have barely reached 50% to level 91. The game is unplayable. I log off and decide to let things settle (bad idea).
I log back on around 4pm, I am in a login queue – over 6000 people are in line ahead of me. I wait an hour and quit.

Friday, November 14

Blizzard performs unscheduled “emergency” maintenance until 2pm eastern time.
2:00pm – I log in, no queue! The game is playable! Yay! I level up to 91 (and a little bit more) and take a break, logging off the server (bad idea).
3:50pm – I log back into the game, I am once again in a queue with over 5500 people in line head of me.
10:27pm – After nearly a seven hour wait, I finally get in game and play until 1:40am and reach level 93.

Saturday, November 15

Blizzard performs MORE maintenance but it ends early.
10:00am – I log in, no queue, and play for ten hours (with several online breaks), I reach level 97.

Sunday, November 16

11:45am – I log in and there is a queue of about 500 people. I wait it out because it seemed to be moving quickly.
1:00pm – I  get in game and start playing and reach level 98, but my game time is cut short due to RL stuff.

Monday, November 17

4:00pm – Log back in, quest for about 4 hours and then have to call it quits – reaching a little more than half through level 98.

Tuesday, November 18

10:00am – Log in, do some Garrison stuff and then I have to break for a meeting.
11:30 am – Log in, quest all day until 3pm when I hit level 100.

In conclusion, I think this video sums up just how bad it was…




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