As winter approaches, I am inspired to write another ode to my favorite season of the year…


I stand here among the towering trunks,
the wind blows across my face and I smile,
for I feel the whisper of my lover on the wind,
the chill I so crave with an insatiable longing.

I have had only one thought, one want, one need,
as I trudged through the sweltering heat of summer,
in spite of the overwhelming hell I endured,
all I have ever wanted was my beloved Winter.

I have longed for her return, to feel her cold embrace,
I want to spend morning, noon and nightfall with her,
surrounded by snow, ice and the sundering wind,
her arms around me, my warmth fading to a glacial chill.

My hands caress her face, turning to ice and fading away,
I want to fall forever in that icy grasp, loving her with all my soul,
when spring comes that clasp shall be broken,
and she will drift away, with icy tears, we’ll once again be apart.

But for now I will wrap myself in that white quilt of snow,
feeling myself grow colder and colder in winter’s embrace,
a smile will cross my face and I will know true happiness,
for my lover has returned and until the light of spring returns,
there’s no end in sight and I want for nothing.


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