My analysis of the Antares rocket failure

Based on my own limited knowledge of rocket engineering, here’s my analysis of the Antares rocket failure. Essentially I have watched HD videos of the launch repeatedly and I have come to three possible reasons for the failure. The Antares rocket has two rocket engines on its first stage which are fueled by liquid oxygen and a refined form of kerosene known as RP-1.

THEORY A. After liftoff you see a brightening of one of the engines, almost as if one engine was being over-throttled. This would have resulted in the engine exploding from an overheat condition.

THEORY B. When you see the brightening of the engine this could be a failure of the engine’s thrust chamber (the bell on the end of the engine). A micro fracture or a flaw of some kind may have been present in the thrust chamber and without specific equipment to inspect it, you’d never see it visually. In this scenario the engine bell failed and caused an overheating situation in the aft section of the rocket and/or damaged the remaining engine resulting in that engine exploding from overheating as hot gasses escaped from the failed engine.

THEORY C. There could have been combustion instability in the thrust chamber leading to very high stress levels placed on it, resulting in an exploding engine.

Once the engines failed, lift was cancelled and gravity took over. The rocket fell to the ground, the liquid oxygen and RP-1 combined and exploded – destroying what was left of the rocket and most of the launch-pad. If you look very closely at the launch video – you will see that only one engine actually brightens, it looked to be the engine on the left side.

For reference here is a diagram of the Antares rocket and one of the better videos of the failure:




It’s called Whiteboard, and it needs your help!

Now I don’t usually do this kinda thing. But this one is too close to home to avoid it. For the past nine months four team members and I have been pouring our blood, sweat, tears and our very souls into an app we feel fills a very badly needed niche. It’s a revolutionary app that allows you to collaborate and share content in a communications app unlike any other. But I’ll let you read more about it at the Kickstarter site. We need your support to help get this into the hands of users like you. Please take a moment and visit our Kickstarter campaign page and please consider contributing. You would have my most sincere appreciation. Thanks!

Whiteboard Kickstarter Campaign :

World of Warcraft Shot of the Week : Thunder Bluff

I am starting a new weekly series on my blog here. World of Warcraft Shot of the Week! Every week I will post an image of some place in World of Warcraft, be it a city or in the middle of a forest along with a description. This week’s shot is Thunder Bluff!

Thunder Bluff is the tauren capital city located in the northern part of the region of Mulgore on the continent of Kalimdor. The entire city is built on bluffs several hundred feet above the surrounding landscape, and is accessible by elevators on the southwestern and northeastern sides.

Thunder Bluff
Thunder Bluff

Winter, my lover

As winter approaches, I am inspired to write another ode to my favorite season of the year…


I stand here among the towering trunks,
the wind blows across my face and I smile,
for I feel the whisper of my lover on the wind,
the chill I so crave with an insatiable longing.

I have had only one thought, one want, one need,
as I trudged through the sweltering heat of summer,
in spite of the overwhelming hell I endured,
all I have ever wanted was my beloved Winter.

I have longed for her return, to feel her cold embrace,
I want to spend morning, noon and nightfall with her,
surrounded by snow, ice and the sundering wind,
her arms around me, my warmth fading to a glacial chill.

My hands caress her face, turning to ice and fading away,
I want to fall forever in that icy grasp, loving her with all my soul,
when spring comes that clasp shall be broken,
and she will drift away, with icy tears, we’ll once again be apart.

But for now I will wrap myself in that white quilt of snow,
feeling myself grow colder and colder in winter’s embrace,
a smile will cross my face and I will know true happiness,
for my lover has returned and until the light of spring returns,
there’s no end in sight and I want for nothing.

God I love what I do!

There are some days, like today, when I am jamming to heavy metal and doing my design work when I suddenly feel like I am standing over my shoulder and I am seeing this work I am doing and I feel so proud and so happy. I then realize just how much I truly LOVE what I do as a graphic artist who specializes in user interface and user experience design. Nothing can describe the euphoria I get when I finish working on a design and sit there looking at it and thinking to myself, “Yeah, I did that!” I am so proud of how far I have come over the past two years as a graphic artist. But that growth could never have happened without it being nurtured by a group of awesome friends whom I love dearly: Joel, Rogie, Adam, Brian and Rob – thank you so much for being a part of my design life. I give thanks to my Lord and Savior for bringing our paths together. Sometime I just feel like crying with joy knowing in my heart that without God, I would never have these gifts and would never be able to share them with the world.

Yeah this is an emotional post, because right now I feel like I have found my place. I have had companies seeking me out for job opportunities, I have gotten high praise from a lot of people in the design community. I feel so blessed. I give praise and glory to God for all of it.

Now, time to get back to work…

#Bendgate is a Bunch of Horse Shit

Okay I am going to just come out and speak a very solid truth…I am an Apple fan boy. I have been using Apple products since the day my father bought me an original Macintosh back in June of 1984. My admiration for Apple is great, but at the same time I do have a lot of complaints about certain things Apple has produced. The new version of iMovie for example is a pile of crap, the Apple wireless mouse is a battery inhaling piece of shit, and the new folder icon colors in the upcoming OS X release, Yosemite, make me want to vomit.

But when it comes to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, I have nothing bad to say at all. They are, as Tim Cook said, the best iPhones Apple has ever made. I love my iPhone 6. In fact if I had maintained my normal routine, I would never be enjoying an iPhone 6 right now. Normally I skip a generation. But the iPhone 6 had way too many awesome features to keep that tradition. But this post isn’t about how awesome the iPhone 6 series is, it’s about people who hate Apple looking for any and all ways to tarnish the company’s products. I am talking about bendgate.

Bendgate is total horse shit! Yes there were some iPhone 6 Plus phones which had some kind of defect and were bent. But to date there have been less than 1% of the total number of phones sold that have had this issue. This issue was precipitated by one of two possible reasons (or both):

A. The user put the phone in their back pocket and sat on the phone : Absolutely ludicrous! Who the hell puts a big phone like the iPhone 6/6 Plus in their back pockets and sits down? That’s just a clear lack of common sense and apparent lack of intelligence.

B. The user purposely bent the phone to show the world that Apple’s products are terrible : I wouldn’t doubt it. There are plenty of people out there who, for whatever fucked up reason, hate Apple. Sure Apple’s products are more expensive, sure Apple uses proprietary technologies and so on, yes Apple does keep a tight control over what goes on their devices. Hey, how about you look a little closer at the industry as a whole. For YEARS Microsoft has been doing things far more evil than Apple. You want to talk about proprietary stuff and closed source, Microsoft reeks of being the most closed-minded company in the world. Apple isn’t alone in that line of thinking. But that’s no reason to display the level of hate people display toward people who use Apple products. I mean, good fucking grief, you’re almost on the verge of a holy war – Android users versus Apple users. They’re TOOLS, all these things we use everyday are TOOLS! If you want to get bent out of shape over one person using one tool versus another – why not start doing the same for everything else? I drive a Nissan, you drive a BMW – omg hate me for driving a Nissan! I like Craftsman tools, you prefer Stanley tools…omg hate me for using Craftsman. See how ridiculous that is?

Anyway, out of the 40 million iPhone 6/6 Plus smartphones sold so far, only a very very very small percentage have had an issue with bending. But you know I think who summed it up best was the CEO of T-Mobile…

Last, but not least, allow me to further exemplify the amount of horse shit involved with the whole bendgate thing with this simple illustration I threw together…

bendgate horseshit


‘Nuf said.


My own Orion Spacecraft

So one of the things I love is space exploration. I have been a HUGE supporter of our nation’s space program and initiatives. I was very sad when the shuttle program was killed off, but now NASA is working on the next generation spacecraft for manned spaceflight, one that will take us to the moon and eventually (hopefully) Mars. I am also a big fan of the game Kerbal Space Program – where you can design, build and fly your own rockets. So I was watching an animation by NASA of the new Orion spacecraft and was inspired to do something similar. I started by designing my own Orion system and named it Orion X. I then made a video in the same style as NASA of the system doing its thing. It’s not as crisp, clean and perfect like NASA’s video – but it’s better than nothing!   🙂