If I had a dollar for every time I switched between factions in World of Warcraft, I would be…well, able to buy dinner at Taco Bell. Needless to say I have switched sides a lot in my almost ten years of playing this game. But this time the decision to switch took about two months and was very difficult. I have been a member of an awesome guild called TheElement on Suramar for a year and a half. TheElement has been a great guild to me, even though there were a couple times I fucked up and nearly got kicked. But I learned from those mistakes and did my best to be a great asset to the guild and our raid team. So leaving TheElement and the awesome people in it was a very hard and emotional decision for me. Yeah yeah, I said emotional…I have become good friends with so many people over the past 18 months.

So why am I leaving? Well, it’s not because TheElement or anyone in it did anything wrong. It’s not because we haven’t progressed in our raids, hell, I remember a guild I was in way back in 2008 that just wiped endlessly and got nowhere – nope that’s not TheElement. We got Garrosh down a few times. No the real reason for leaving is just a change of pace, a change of environment, the chance to run with another guild.

Early last year I was having issues with my DPS on my hunter. I was struggling big time. The first person I approached for help gave me some so so feedback and proceeded to insult my guild. The second person was Ox, this dude knew hunters like I know design, backwards and forwards. He helped me in a big way back then and ever since we have been friends, chit chatting in game from time to time and so on. Well he invited me to join his raid team for the next expansion, which comes out in November. It was a tremendous opportunity. But I didn’t make a hasty decision, primarily because I felt bad about leaving TheElement, but at the same time I had to consider my own interests, since I pay for the game. And the decision really all came down to something a friend of mine once told me back when I first started playing WoW: “You gotta do what makes you happy.” So I just let myself think about it for a couple months and on Sunday I made the decision to roll with Ox and his guild.

So while I will dearly miss my friends in TheElement, not to mention the guild leader’s sense of humor coupled with his perpetual grumpiness, I am looking forward to making new friends in my new guild, Savitri on Zul’jin. If things don’t work out – I know that I can always go back to TheElement and they will welcome me back. We’ll see. Anything can happen.

In closing this post I wanted to quote the guild leader of TheElement in response to my departure email:

“Hey man, I think I speak for everyone when I say we wish you the best on your new team. Just remember, don’t stand in bad and keep your head on a swivel.”
“PS. I’m drunk.”


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