In memory of Kelsey (Aug 3, 2000 – Nov 13, 2011)

He was one of a kind, a cuddler, a runner, larger than most. He was my first, but never my last. His coat was soft, his disposition softer. He was loving, he was always there when I needed him. He was obedient and knew who his pack leader was. There will never be another like him. Though the void left behind after losing him has been filled, there will always be something missing from my heart, from my life, because he is no longer here. It’s one of those things where you ask yourself, “Why would he die so young when he was so good and did all he was asked to do?” He was gentle, he was kind, he was playful to the very last day. My loss is Heaven’s gain, my best friend has crossed over and I am left with memories, bits and pieces of his existence frozen in space and time in photo albums, on the internet and on my computer. You probably can’t understand how I haven’t been able to move on from his passing. He was my best friend, better than any human friend could ever be. His love was unconditional, he never turned away when I needed him. He was my first, which gives him a special place in my heart – a void that can never be filled. And so on this day of memories, I call out to him and say “I miss you, I love you, where-ever you may be.”


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