On July 4th I revived my old wallpaper design studio, Hypoxic Studios. You see way back in 2003, long before I was a professional graphic artist, I designed desktop wallpapers. You know those pretty graphics you can put on your computer’s desktop to make it less boring? Well, when I got into doing design professionally I pretty much abandoned Hypoxic Studios and took it offline after I discovered someone stealing my work and passing it off as his own. Well that was five years ago and in May I decided to revive Hypoxic Studios and worked on the web design and what I wanted to present there. After two months of on and off work, the site went live July 4th and offers all of my wallpaper designs for free and I also would be adding new designs. I also decided to include all of the video production work I have done over the past six years or so. The site has been doing extremely well, with a really nice daily hit average.

Now I am bringing in a friend of mine I have known for over twelve years. He has been the host of the paranormal podcast, EERiE Radio, for over seven years. He brings a wealth of sound engineering and editing experience to the table. So Hypoxic Studios is now expanding to include his services. So if you have a podcast and you’d like some awesome intro music, sound effects and so on — well he will be the one to turn to. He also does work for video too.

In the next couple weeks we will be adding in some samples of his work to his own section of the Hypoxic Studios web site. For now, you can read the revised about page and check out our bios. While you’re at it, take a look through the desktop wallpaper section and see if there’s anything you like. It’s all free of charge.

Hypoxic Studios is at http://hypoxicstudios.com


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