On the news this morning I heard a story about twenty dogs who all died after the air conditioner, for their kennel, failed when one of the dogs chewed through an electrical wire. That made me feel very sad. As a dog owner, these stories just ruin my day. But then I read the quote from one of the people who owned the dogs, and it enraged me to an incredible degree. And I quote:

“It could have burned down our whole house, my whole house could have burned down and all my children could have died, and then it would have been a tragedy.”

Are you serious!?!? You must be a heartless God forsaken bitch to not think of this as a tragedy! You apparently didn’t care about the lives of those dogs. Twenty dogs DIED because of your fucking irresponsibility! Did you perform periodic inspections of their kennel to insure it’s safe for habitation? Probably not. As a result the wire became exposed, the dog chewed it and they all died from heat exhaustion.

So with that said, this person should never be allowed – for the rest of their miserable lives – to own so much as one dog! No apology on this earth can ever cause me to forgive what these people have done.

This enrages me because I have, for the past 14 years of owning dogs, I have ALWAYS gone the extra mile for my dogs. If one of my two Whippets has so much as a hangnail, I take them to the vet. I make sure they get their yearly checkups, shots and so on. When Kelsey, my first Whippet, developed cancer, I shelled out a ton of money to get him chemotherapy to give him a chance to live a longer life. He lived another four years. I make sure the dog kennel (which is indoors) is clean, safe and comfortable for them to sleep in. I give them attention and love at every opportunity. I consider myself a responsible dog owner, I treat my dogs like their my children (to a certain degree). So when I hear about stories like this one, they rock me to my foundation.

For people who have no regard for dogs, who don’t go that extra mile for their pets, I DO NOT FORGIVE OR FORGET!




  1. Hi there. I am a resident of Phoenix and have been working with the owners of the dogs, their families and other members of our rescue community here to get justice for those poor babies and their families. Unfortunately, they were not the first victims of this canine concentration camp. Other owners have been coming forward with their own horror stories, including two deaths. Just days before this tragedy there was a dog who upon being retrieved by his family had to be rushed to the vet due to the fact he was covered in dried paint, missing fur and skin with one of his legs swollen almost 3x it’s normal size. These people are related to Senator Flake and the investigation is collapsing under that pressure. It has been mere days and everyone seems to be losing hope. I’ve never used this website before and will probably never see your response to this, but please, spread the word. We need support from everywhere. There is a Facebook page where the dogs owners, myself and other rescuers and animal lovers speak about this daily. It is called “The Tragedy at Green Acres Boarding Facility Gilbert, Az.

    1. Thank you for your comment on my blog. The loss of those dogs is just horrific and tears me up. I will spread the word about the Facebook page…people need to know about this! Thanks again, Kevin

      1. The person who made that comment (about the house burning down) was not one of the dog owners. She is the owner of the boarding facility, where the dogs died. She’s her own brand of crazy and should not be allowed to get off scott free.

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