Well it’s that time of year again, time for kids to look forward to summer vacation and hopefully finishing another grade in school. Recently a friend of mine told me she was attending her son’s graduation. I was surprised, primarily because I didn’t realize she had a child in high school. Quite the contrary, her child was exiting fifth grade and entering sixth. Because of this increment, they were going to have a big pomp filled graduation.


On my Facebook I recently posted the question regarding this:

Can someone please explain to me the significance of having a ceremony just because someone completed 5th grade? They never had such ridiculous things when I was in school…oh boy you finished 5th grade, now you go to 6th grade yay! Do you honestly think the kid cares?

It just makes very little sense to me to have such a circus for something so small. Are kids so challenged today that such a grade increment is truly a mind blowing accomplishment? Don’t tell me they do it for the parents, because that would be a selfish display of overabundant pride. It’s good to be proud of your child, but it’s quite another thing to parade him in front of a crowd just because he somehow survived fifth grade.

In my day when you graduated it was either from High School or College. High School graduation is an incredibly awesome milestone for a child. It marks the end of their childhood so to speak by declaring they have successfully completed twelve years of education in the public school system, or private school. It is an achievement worthy of the pomp and circumstance that gets applied to it. Likewise when you graduate from a university/college, it is a major accomplishment. It shows the world you have put forth the great effort necessary to achieve success. That too is worthy of the celebratory graduation event. You are no longer a young adult, you’re an adult who is leaving behind the schoolbooks and the homework to enter into the working world.

But now graduations are held for little kids leaving Kindergarden into the first grade, kids going up an increment. Are these truly accomplishments worthy of standing beside completion of high school and college? In my opinion not in the slightest! Because when you do this kind of thing for every single little accomplishment, it diminishes the true greatness of great accomplishments.


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