So it’s been a while now since Adobe introduced their Creative Cloud, a subscription based service which provides you access to their entire suite of design, video and photography software (and more). I was very skeptical at first, actually to be honest I was quite pissed off that Adobe would do this. You pay a monthly fee to keep the access to these applications, which in my case I rely on to get my job done. If you don’t pay, you lose access. Now everything lives on your hard disk, this isn’t some virtual machine running via a web browser or something. Good God that would be horrible. The apps reside on your computer and it’s just as if you had installed them yourself.

So why did I change my attitude and ultimately my mind? I pulled out my trusty calculator and did some math!

Let’s take a look at a scenario…

Jeff is a designer and does some video production work too, so he would need the Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection, which runs $2,599.00 (and which is already obsolete). Meanwhile, Kyle is also a designer and video guru, but instead of shelling out the huge wallet melting $2,599 that Jeff did, Kyle paid for a year’s worth of Creative Cloud ($50 per month * 12 = $600). Two years later, Adobe releases all new versions of their suite of applications. They have some killer new features. Since Kyle has kept up his subscription to Creative Cloud, he gets those sleek and shiny new versions free of charge! Meanwhile Jeff is pulling his credit card out of his already massacred wallet to pay $45o-$600 for the upgrades. So you can see where I’m going with this.

In the time it takes Kyle to reach $2,599 in expense, four years have passed and all of his software updates have been free. Poor Jeff is bankrupt because he spent everything he had keeping his software updated.

So in the end, considering a lot changes in four years in the world of application software, it’s more than worth it to upgrade to Adobe Creative Cloud. I did it two days ago and now I have access to EVERYTHING Adobe makes as part of my subscription. Not to mention a free Behance ProSite to show off my hard work.

If you’re a graphic artist, designer, video editor, web developer, etc. I say go for it. It’s worth every penny and you get some awesome extras too.



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  1. Kyle had the right idea. At first i was skeptical also because i wasn’t sure how the applications would work. As a starting web developer i would say this is the best idea for software to start off with, because you are always cutting edge!

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