I just got back to my hotel after an awesome day with my New York family. This morning my cousin Ann and I drove up to West Point, the United States Military Academy, where I paid my respects to my father, who is buried there. I fought back tears as I laid my hand on his headstone.

My Dad's headstone at West Point cemetery
My Dad’s headstone at West Point cemetery


Afterward we walked around the cemetery for a short time reading some of the headstones. Then we headed over to the Post Exchange (PX) and Commissary. I grabbed myself a mouse for my laptop since I forgot to take the one from my desktop at home. Well I needed to have a mouse for my MacBook Pro anyway.

Then we went back to my cousin’s place, relaxed and watched tennis, ate some lunch. Then we hooked up with her son Mark, and his family, at the Nanuet Restaurant and OMFG we had the most awesome pizza I have ever had. Hands down, New Yorkers know how to friggin make pizza!! Down in Virginia, there’s no place so awesome as this that serves decent pizza. No delis either! The delicatessen’s up here are ridiculously good. This is one reason I hate living in Virginia (besides the traffic).

It was a good time, I enjoyed their company and now I am ready to just collapse on my hotel bed and watch TV until I fall asleep later tonight. Well, maybe, I might get some time in on Diablo III. LOL!

More to come tomorrow!


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