Astronomers from the University of Texas, Austin, today announced they have discovered what is almost certainly our sun’s sibling star. All stars are born in vast clouds of interstellar gas and dust. They also are not born alone, but have siblings born around them. This star, HR 6669 (also known as HD 162826), is one of those stars. To help visualize the differences between this star and our own, I made this infographic. The star is almost 15% larger and is somewhat hotter than our star. It is located 110 light years away and can be found in the constellation of Hercules. I personally think this is awesome stuff! It’s really cool to think our sun’s brother (or sister) is out there, moving through space. It’s also interesting how, just like humans, the siblings of stars can be very different from one another.

You can get sighting info at:

McDonald Observatory News Release:


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