Last night was a very big night for our guild on Suramar. Since we first encountered the final boss of Siege of Orgrimmar two months ago, we have been trying to defeat him. Granted there were some weeks we didn’t lock out the instance because people still needed items off some of the other bosses there. But with each attempt we made on Garrosh Hellscream, we learned, we improved and got a little closer to defeating him. Well last night all that we learned and all that we strived for came together and we let forth a cheer that had to have been heard all over America. Our guild has officially finished Siege of Orgrimmar on 10-man normal mode. Next week we will enter Siege again and begin our quest to complete it on heroic mode.

It has been a little over a year since I joined TheElement on Suramar and began raiding with Raid Team 1. The whole team is a close-knit family, we are all like brothers and sisters. We pick on each other, we have a lot of fun together. We wipe on trash, we wipe on bosses, together – as a team. We wipe off the sweat, dust and tears and get right back into whatever it is we’re trying to accomplish. We have faced a great many challenges over the past year and we have defeated those challenges only because of the fact that we work together as a team. We all chime in with our ideas, suggestions for improvements and we all communicate during the encounters to make sure we all stay on point and stay alive. In all the years I have been raiding in World of Warcraft (it will be ten years later this year), I can safely say there are only two guilds in that ten year expanse that I consider to be the most enjoyable guilds I have ever been a part of. At one point a guild known as The Krew (Tichondrius) was number one on my list. But now, after having been with TheElement longer than any other guild I have been a part of, I have to shove The Krew to second place and put TheElement on top. None of this would be possible without incredible leadership. Our guild leader, Holymcguyver, has built a guild where fun is the key element. We don’t do hardcore raiding, we raid to have fun and we do progress because of the lighthearted, casual, style of the guild.

So what happened last night was another crowning achievement for TheElement and another example of how 10 people can come together as friends who all care about the same thing – owning up World of Warcraft’s raid bosses. Thank you Holy for an awesome first year and congratulations to all of us in Raid Team 1 for a job well done!

Here’s our group photo and our kill video. My name is Frostwillow, Night Elf Hunter ( ).

TheElement - Raid Team 1 downs Garrosh Hellscream
TheElement – Raid Team 1 downs Garrosh Hellscream


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