Personal Log, November 14, 2013

Once upon a time there was a world which at one time was green, lush and beautiful. It exuded life in every way, the days were bright and filled with sunshine. The creatures which filled this world happily lived their lives, enjoying all of the fruits that this world had to offer. But over time the world slowly began to dim, the days grew colder, the skies darker and the bright joy of life began to wane. The love within this world began to fade away, the green and lush landscape was soon laid barren. The warmth that once filled the world was now gone and replaced with the cold and bitterness. Time had ravaged the world with events that shocked its very core, leaving scars upon the earth. But all was not lost, for deep within the core of this world lay a seed. It would take a great deal of love for that seed to sprout and grow and to begin a process of renewal. But no love has come to the world. Now it exists a bare rock, waiting, hoping, for that love to come.

For I am the world and the seed is my heart. Will someone ever love me and free me of this lonely existence? Until then, I can never fully be alive – but just a figure roaming as a shadow, bereft of all joy.


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