I am very happy today! Because last night Carl Sagan’s vision and wisdom was revived for a new generation in the premiere episode of the new Cosmos. This morning the show is getting rave reviews all across the board:

“Cosmos recap: Starts with a Big Bang” — LA Times
“Cosmos dazzles in debut!” — CNN
“The New ‘Cosmos’ Reboot Marks a Promising New Era for Science” — The Daily Beast
“‘Cosmos’ returns to TV, with a big bang” — USA Today

It’s my hope that this show helps to inspire our youth to explore the endless possibilities of our universe, to delve into the wonders of science and discover the joy of finding things out. After watching last night’s premiere I can safely say that Dr. Sagan would have been extremely proud that his way of bringing the wonders of our universe, his dream, still lives on and is, hopefully, inspiring a new generation of scientists.

To celebrate the launch of COSMOS I designed a wallpaper for Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones and Facebook that is available for download (free of charge of course) from my wallpaper design site: walls.pixelworxfactory.com. Here’s an example of what it looks like:

COSMOS Wallpaper
COSMOS Wallpaper



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