Okay where do I start…oh yeah…FLAME ON!!

I am getting so sick and fucking tired of reading and hearing people complain about snow and the cold winter. Guess what idiots, it’s this thing called WINTER! That’s W-I-N-T-E-R! It’s this part of the year where the earth tilts in such a way that the northern hemisphere doesn’t get as much direct sunlight as usual. So things get cold, the weather changes and there is usually snow, sleet, freezing rain and stuff like that. It’s part of nature, it’s not something you have any control over (well, sort of). What I simply cannot understand is why people complain and whine and bitch every friggin winter. It’s not like you didn’t know it was coming. If you don’t like cold weather or snow, then I have one simple solution for you: GET…THE FUCK…OUT! Move to Arizona or Mexico or Brazil or anyplace on this earth that doesn’t get winter (typically somewhere near the equator).

Now as for me, Winter is my season. I love winter. I love the cold, I love the snow. It’s just the way I am. I guess I was a polar bear in a previous life. I can appreciate the beauty behind winter, the pureness of the freshly fallen snow, the crisp cold mornings. I love it! But I also am young at heart and that plays a big role in being able to appreciate winter. If you’re old and stuck up in your ways and have literally murdered your inner child for the sake of being an overly mature adult, then there is no hope for you. You will never be able to open your eyes and see the joy that comes with the snow. Joy as in, sleigh rides, snowball fights, building snowmen, making angels in the snow. All of that fun that every child knows by heart is gone in you and all I can do is feel pity for the miserable existence you have brought onto yourself. Because it’s the people like that who do nothing but bitch and complain about it being too cold, too snowy, too icy, who always seem to say “Can’t wait for summer!” and “I just want sunshine and flip flops” and “I am so over the snow, I want summer!”. That’s a prime example of the kind of person I am talking about. Your inner child is dead and gone.

Instead of complaining like that, why not just put on a winter coat, run out into the snow and dive in? Have fun with it! I look at it this way…while it may rain most of the year, it may only snow less than 4 months out of the year. So if you’re too stuck up and old to deal with FOUR MONTHS of winter compared to SEVEN MONTHS of spring and summer (at least where I live) — I have nothing more to say to you.

Just STFU…I’m enjoying the snow. You can stay indoors huddled near the fire, letting this joy of living pass you by.


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