Garrosh Hellscream…downed! Siege of Orgrimmar 10m normal…done!

Last night was a very big night for our guild on Suramar. Since we first encountered the final boss of Siege of Orgrimmar two months ago, we have been trying to defeat him. Granted there were some weeks we didn’t lock out the instance because people still needed items off some of the other bosses there. But with each attempt we made on Garrosh Hellscream, we learned, we improved and got a little closer to defeating him. Well last night all that we learned and all that we strived for came together and we let forth a cheer that had to have been heard all over America. Our guild has officially finished Siege of Orgrimmar on 10-man normal mode. Next week we will enter Siege again and begin our quest to complete it on heroic mode.

It has been a little over a year since I joined TheElement on Suramar and began raiding with Raid Team 1. The whole team is a close-knit family, we are all like brothers and sisters. We pick on each other, we have a lot of fun together. We wipe on trash, we wipe on bosses, together – as a team. We wipe off the sweat, dust and tears and get right back into whatever it is we’re trying to accomplish. We have faced a great many challenges over the past year and we have defeated those challenges only because of the fact that we work together as a team. We all chime in with our ideas, suggestions for improvements and we all communicate during the encounters to make sure we all stay on point and stay alive. In all the years I have been raiding in World of Warcraft (it will be ten years later this year), I can safely say there are only two guilds in that ten year expanse that I consider to be the most enjoyable guilds I have ever been a part of. At one point a guild known as The Krew (Tichondrius) was number one on my list. But now, after having been with TheElement longer than any other guild I have been a part of, I have to shove The Krew to second place and put TheElement on top. None of this would be possible without incredible leadership. Our guild leader, Holymcguyver, has built a guild where fun is the key element. We don’t do hardcore raiding, we raid to have fun and we do progress because of the lighthearted, casual, style of the guild.

So what happened last night was another crowning achievement for TheElement and another example of how 10 people can come together as friends who all care about the same thing – owning up World of Warcraft’s raid bosses. Thank you Holy for an awesome first year and congratulations to all of us in Raid Team 1 for a job well done!

Here’s our group photo and our kill video. My name is Frostwillow, Night Elf Hunter ( ).

TheElement - Raid Team 1 downs Garrosh Hellscream
TheElement – Raid Team 1 downs Garrosh Hellscream


So this is 49

Well it’s been another year and now I am another year older. Today I turn 49 years old and I have to say, it’s no different than 48 or 38 or 28. Because these are all numbers. I never allow myself to ponder the numbers to such an extent as to illicit an emotional response. As my Mom always told me, “You’re as old as you feel.” Well today I’d say I am feeling 35-ish. I’d probably be feeling better if it weren’t allergy season LOL! So what are my plans for year 49? Just gonna keep doing what I’m doing and do my best to enjoy each day I am blessed with, which is what everyone should do – no matter what age you are.

From my personal diary…

Personal Log, November 14, 2013

Once upon a time there was a world which at one time was green, lush and beautiful. It exuded life in every way, the days were bright and filled with sunshine. The creatures which filled this world happily lived their lives, enjoying all of the fruits that this world had to offer. But over time the world slowly began to dim, the days grew colder, the skies darker and the bright joy of life began to wane. The love within this world began to fade away, the green and lush landscape was soon laid barren. The warmth that once filled the world was now gone and replaced with the cold and bitterness. Time had ravaged the world with events that shocked its very core, leaving scars upon the earth. But all was not lost, for deep within the core of this world lay a seed. It would take a great deal of love for that seed to sprout and grow and to begin a process of renewal. But no love has come to the world. Now it exists a bare rock, waiting, hoping, for that love to come.

For I am the world and the seed is my heart. Will someone ever love me and free me of this lonely existence? Until then, I can never fully be alive – but just a figure roaming as a shadow, bereft of all joy.

Cosmos explodes with rave reviews!

I am very happy today! Because last night Carl Sagan’s vision and wisdom was revived for a new generation in the premiere episode of the new Cosmos. This morning the show is getting rave reviews all across the board:

“Cosmos recap: Starts with a Big Bang” — LA Times
“Cosmos dazzles in debut!” — CNN
“The New ‘Cosmos’ Reboot Marks a Promising New Era for Science” — The Daily Beast
“‘Cosmos’ returns to TV, with a big bang” — USA Today

It’s my hope that this show helps to inspire our youth to explore the endless possibilities of our universe, to delve into the wonders of science and discover the joy of finding things out. After watching last night’s premiere I can safely say that Dr. Sagan would have been extremely proud that his way of bringing the wonders of our universe, his dream, still lives on and is, hopefully, inspiring a new generation of scientists.

To celebrate the launch of COSMOS I designed a wallpaper for Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones and Facebook that is available for download (free of charge of course) from my wallpaper design site: Here’s an example of what it looks like:

COSMOS Wallpaper
COSMOS Wallpaper


COSMOS Reborn! <– don't miss it!!

In 1980 Carl Sagan premiered an incredible series called COSMOS, which explored the realm of human existence and the mysteries of the universe. It was an amazing success and PBS had the highest ratings in its history. That series is now being reborn thanks to the efforts of Seth MacFarlane and Carl Sagan’s widow, Ann Druyan. I am super excited about this new series, because it bring the very soul of COSMOS to a new generation of viewers. Science is not just for those bright and brainy nerds, it’s for everyone and that’s what this series aims to prove. Science is all around us, we do science everyday without even knowing it. It’s a part of who we are and the world we live in. Wouldn’t it be great to, just for a moment, sit down and admire the science around us. Well, you can! Just tune in on Sunday, March 9th at 9pm eastern time in the United States. The show is being simulcast on all FOX networks and also on the National Geographic channel.

As someone who has read a great deal of Dr. Sagan’s published works and as someone who saw the original COSMOS series when it aired in 1980, I can safely say that Dr. Sagan would be very very happy to know that the soul of COSMOS lives on and will inspire a new generation.

Here is the official trailer for the new COSMOS series. It’s awesome!

OMG STFU about snow and winter!

Okay where do I start…oh yeah…FLAME ON!!

I am getting so sick and fucking tired of reading and hearing people complain about snow and the cold winter. Guess what idiots, it’s this thing called WINTER! That’s W-I-N-T-E-R! It’s this part of the year where the earth tilts in such a way that the northern hemisphere doesn’t get as much direct sunlight as usual. So things get cold, the weather changes and there is usually snow, sleet, freezing rain and stuff like that. It’s part of nature, it’s not something you have any control over (well, sort of). What I simply cannot understand is why people complain and whine and bitch every friggin winter. It’s not like you didn’t know it was coming. If you don’t like cold weather or snow, then I have one simple solution for you: GET…THE FUCK…OUT! Move to Arizona or Mexico or Brazil or anyplace on this earth that doesn’t get winter (typically somewhere near the equator).

Now as for me, Winter is my season. I love winter. I love the cold, I love the snow. It’s just the way I am. I guess I was a polar bear in a previous life. I can appreciate the beauty behind winter, the pureness of the freshly fallen snow, the crisp cold mornings. I love it! But I also am young at heart and that plays a big role in being able to appreciate winter. If you’re old and stuck up in your ways and have literally murdered your inner child for the sake of being an overly mature adult, then there is no hope for you. You will never be able to open your eyes and see the joy that comes with the snow. Joy as in, sleigh rides, snowball fights, building snowmen, making angels in the snow. All of that fun that every child knows by heart is gone in you and all I can do is feel pity for the miserable existence you have brought onto yourself. Because it’s the people like that who do nothing but bitch and complain about it being too cold, too snowy, too icy, who always seem to say “Can’t wait for summer!” and “I just want sunshine and flip flops” and “I am so over the snow, I want summer!”. That’s a prime example of the kind of person I am talking about. Your inner child is dead and gone.

Instead of complaining like that, why not just put on a winter coat, run out into the snow and dive in? Have fun with it! I look at it this way…while it may rain most of the year, it may only snow less than 4 months out of the year. So if you’re too stuck up and old to deal with FOUR MONTHS of winter compared to SEVEN MONTHS of spring and summer (at least where I live) — I have nothing more to say to you.

Just STFU…I’m enjoying the snow. You can stay indoors huddled near the fire, letting this joy of living pass you by.