I don’t know how many times I used to tell my sister to quit smoking. She would just nod her head and tell me she has tried and just can’t seem to quit. The thing is you can’t do something if the word can’t is in your mind. If you think negatively about something and feel as if it’s impossible, then you will never be able to accomplish your goal. I defeated Type 2 Diabetes because I told myself that I had to do it, there was no getting around it. Because I knew if I didn’t I would face more serious health problems down the road. My parents always told me “You can do whatever you set your mind to do!”

So I say to those of you who smoke, please stop! There are so many studies that show that smoking does affect you. You may never get cancer, but it does impact your body either way. It has been shown to age people by leaps and bounds, you are ingesting massive quantities of toxins and poisons, so you are impacting your body in ways that may not have an outward appearance.

While not everyone who smokes gets cancer, the risks are elevated by MASSIVE percentages compared to non-smokers. Watch the video below and consider the consequences. There are alternatives and I don’t mean little patches you stick on your arm or gum you chew. It’s called vaping and I have several friends who swear by it. You can get your nicotine hit while at the same time enjoying some really tasty flavors. And because it’s vapor (ie. water droplets) and not tobacco smoke, it’s awesomely healthy to your body…because it’s just…WATER! Water is something that your body has in abundance. So it’s a good thing.

I would like to point you my friend Jon’s blog about vaping. He loves it! He was a smoker for quite some time and made the switch in the past year or so. His blog explains a lot about it, so check the link below the video and visit his blog to find out all about it.


VAPIFIER (Jon’s Blog)http://vapifier.blogspot.com/




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