LAMENT by Kevin Harris I who am buried in deep sighs and tears, my face suffused with sorrow, now with menace, grows pale with remorse for days now past. Grim images, dreadful shades, memories of lost love, the lifeless eyes of those in my family, now dead, the earth turns, ignorant of this lonely soul … More Lament

The Snow Myth

Long ago there was once a phenomena known as snow. It was white, cold and would fall from the sky during the winter time. Every year nature would be blanketed by many inches of this frosty concoction. Children would run outside with glee, diving into its soft embrace, making people out of snow and using … More The Snow Myth

Sorrows, a poem

Last night I couldn’t sleep. In fact, I haven’t slept well in over two weeks. So last night I decided to put my feelings into a poem, and I decided to share it here…   Sorrows by Kevin Harris Among the darkness in shuddering torment I sit, my face eroded from the endless torrent of … More Sorrows, a poem