It’s been a tough four years for me. I lost my Dad in 2010, my sister passed in 2012, my mother suffered a massive stroke in late 2012 and since then I have been having good days and bad. Yesterday was one of those bad days when I am sitting alone, thinking about how my entire family is gone and how I have never found someone to share my life with. When I feel like this I do one of two things, hop on the piano and just play for an hour or so or, in this case, I start writing…

Hold onto and cherish the love you find. For many, like me, shall never know how it feels. Give thanks that your life isn’t filled with the misery and pain of loneliness. Be happy that your heart isn’t a desert, filled with the desolation and emptiness of having no one to love. Smile and greet everyday with a smile, for you have someone to have and to hold, to cherish in good times and bad. Your life is sunshine while mine is nothing more than an unending storm. Never take what you have for granted. So the next time you see the one you love, kiss them and tell them you don’t take what you have together for granted. Then remember me, the one soul in this world who will never have that blessing. 


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