On a warm summer afternoon, my father and I drove up to Alexandria, Virginia. It was a day I had long been waiting for. Several weeks earlier he and I were sitting at the kitchen table talking about computers and which one we should invest in. My father was a systems engineer with a masters degree in Computer Science. He knew that getting a computer into the house would not only be good for him, but also for me as a tool for learning. The year was 1984 and in January of that year, Apple introduced a revolutionary new computer called the Macintosh. We saw the commercial during the superbowl and I had an opportunity to try one out shortly thereafter.

So the discussion was essentially: an IBM PC (or equivalent) or an Apple Macintosh. Well, I have always been a visual person so when my Dad gave me the choice, it was a no brainer. So several weeks later here we were, driving in the car to pick up our very first Mac. It was June 1984 and the Mac had been out for nearly six months. I remember when we got it home, the big white box with the abstract Mac on the side. Inside was the Mac, one cassette tape and a keyboard and mouse. We got it setup on the kitchen table just to see it in action. I’ll never forget popping the tape in a cassette player and inserting the getting started disk, it was an awesome experience. It was the beginning of what would be over 20 years of interest in computers. Because of that experience I entered into a career in Information Technology. Then ultimately rediscovered my true passion 23 years later, that being design, which also is very Mac biased.

Today I still use Macs, in fact I have probably owned more Macs than most people. So today, 30 years later, I wish Apple’s Macintosh a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My life in Mac all began with one very awesome thing, this television commercial…



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