Back in the 1970s when I was in the single digits, like 6 or 7, there was an old style, wood, stereo in our family room. Every Christmas my father would load up a bunch of holiday LPs and just let them play while he and my mom setup the Christmas tree. There was one song in particular that I was drawn to. I can’t say why, I just found the song to be interesting to me. The song would play and I would just sit by the one end of the stereo, where one of the speakers was, and listen intently to that song. It was a song that was performed as part of the Lawrence Welk show, by the Lennon sisters. Now, so many years later, I came across this song and I have to be honest and say that tears welled up in my eyes. It made me think of those days watching my parents set up the Christmas tree and hearing that song with such intense attention. Today I have no-one left in my family, my father died in 2010, my sister died in 2012 and my mom is in a senior living home after suffering a massive stroke in 2012. So those were the good days, better times, when I had a loving family. Today I live alone, never having married, and the days seem darker and lonelier. Hearing this song flooded my mind with the memories of holidays past and in a way it was a welcomed sound, in other ways it opened old wounds.

Here is the song on YouTube, performed live on the Lawrence Welk show…


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