Healthcare Web Site Fail

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Okay, so I think I speak for a majority of Americans when I express just how mad I am about what has gone down with the Health Care web site. We spent $300M (that’s 300 MILLION) of our in my hard earned money, your hard earned money, on a web site that is just plain broken. Not to mention, a web site that was developed using web technologies TEN YEARS OUT OF DATE! Our money went straight into the bank account of a CANADIAN web development company. Whoa! Wait, what did I just say? Canadian?!! You mean to tell me none of the incredibly talented web developers (a few of whom I know and call my friends) here in the U.S. weren’t chosen to make the health care web site for citizens of the United States? That’s just bullshit! Absolute bullshit.

So now some Canadian company is rolling in the dough, laughing at the stupid American government who paid them to make a piece of shit web site that doesn’t even conform to modern web development guidelines and technologies. Now here’s the really awesome part – now we have to pay more money to get that web site fixed and eventually completely redone using modern web technologies. You know what I say has happened to us Americans? We just got ripped off in the most extraordinary fashion possible.

I think this can go into the record books for sure, for the biggest fail of the century. I can safely say that this Canadian company lives by P.T. Barnum’s famous words: “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

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