So Apple has launched two new iPhones, the iPhone 5S and 5C. And right on time, the hate is flying in all directions. A friend of mine got very wordy with me when I posted on my Facebook that Apple had sold 9 million of the new phones this past weekend, saying that Apple is a has been, a washed up company putting out phones that don’t amaze. On CNN a number of people went verbally non-linear when an article was published that the fingerprint sensor had been hacked, posting hate filled comments about “Apple fan bois crying themselves to sleep” over the news.

I find it amusing how our society has filled themselves with such hatred for people who choose to use one tool over another. You don’t see construction contractors harassing or belittling other contractors over their choice of tools do you? You don’t see people slamming other people because they bought an American car over a European car. What about flashlights, I actually prefer to use Maglites. They are a little more expensive but they are dependable and durable. Haven’t had anyone slam me for making that choice. What about if I prefer to listen to Classical music instead of Hip-Hop? Where is the hate there?

The point I am trying to make here is, we as human beings (especially those who live in a free and democratic country), are free to use something we have been blessed with: freedom of choice. If I like Craftsman tools instead of something else, that’s my choice. If my friend chooses to be homosexual, that’s their choice just as it’s mine to be heterosexual.

So the next time you want to thrash someone with hateful comments over their choice of a smartphone, perhaps you should consider what I have said first. Because if everyone, every human being, liked the same things, used the same tools, looked the same, loved the same way and did everything the same…well…it would be one hell of a boring world.

Don’t hate.


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