Man, I have been just swamped with work the past month or two. I haven’t had much time for blogging. I have had several design projects land on me and while I enjoy them, there’s been little time for anything else. So what’s been going on?

1. My Mom remains in a senior living arrangement. She is probably never coming home again. She just requires 24/7 care that I can’t provide anywhere else. She is healthy and I visit her every week.

2. Still single. No women in my life, sad but true it is. Meh, it’s just one of those things.

3. Been on a huge Vivaldi kick the past few weeks. Dunno why, just have been.

4. I have almost finished sketching out a Piano Sonata that I hope to compose someday when I have time. I still need to finish my Mass in D minor too. 😦

5. Waiting anxiously for one big day and two big events. September 10th Apple is supposed to unveil their new iPhone(s). I sure hope they rock people’s socks off, otherwise it’s gonna be bad. Second event is the release of World of Warcraft 5.4 which is supposed to be a big patch release. Lots of new content and stuff. Can’t wait for both of these.

6. Started walking!! I have been walking on and off over the past two weeks. I am starting to force myself into a daily walking routine. So far so good, I am starting to enjoy it. Also my doctor says I am in great shape as far as cholesterol and blood sugar is concerned. Two years ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes (insulin resistance). I swore I would kick it’s ass and I did. I changed my diet, exercised more than I had been and in a year’s time I reversed it. The lab results from a week ago indicate I am completely free of it. My numbers are all below pre-diabetic levels. So yeah, nailed it.

And I think that’s about it. I promise to post more soon…cheers!


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