So for the past several months I have been seeking the best way to clean the screens on my iPad and iPhone. Naturally I took Apple’s advice and didn’t use anything that could damage the screen’s coating. One day I was cleaning the lens on my camera and it just hit me…if this lens cleaning paper can safely clean a camera lens, why not the screen on an iPad or iPhone?

So I tried it and it worked BEAUTIFULLY!! My screen looked liked I had just bought the iPad and unwrapped it. So here’s my tip for all iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch owners out there:

1. Lightly dampen a very soft cloth. You don’t want the cloth soaked, just the minimal amount of water possible.

2. Gently wipe your screen and dry it with the same type of soft cloth. This removes things that might be stuck on your screen as well as removing a majority of the larger particulate matter.

3. Using TIFFEN brand Lens Cleaning Paper ( ), carefully and gently clean your screen using circular motions. Buff it until you’re happy with it. Some fingerprints may need a little elbow grease.

There you go! Done. Now your screen should look friggin amazingly clean. I would do this about twice a week or as needed. Here’s a photo to show the difference…



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