For eight years now I have been playing World of Warcraft. I thought I would share all of my alter egos…my characters in the game. Also over the past eight years I have written stories and created lore surrounding my characters, to make them come alive.

FROSTWILLOW : Night Elf Hunter

Created: June 2006
Frostwillow is currently my main character. In the lore surrounding my characters, she is the youngest sister of Frostshadow and Frostgrave.


FROSTSHADOW : Night Elf Rogue

Created: March 2006
Frostwillow was my third main character from 2006 to 2009. I raided on her during vanilla WoW and Burning Crusade. She is the middle sister of Frostwillow and Frostgrave.


FROSTGRAVE : Night Elf Death Knight

Created: May 2009
Frostgrave was created after the release of Wrath of the Lich King. She has never been a main character and I used her primarily for PvP up until a year ago. In my character lore, she was born Frostbrook and was abducted by forces of the Scourge, her mind was conditioned and she became a Death Knight. She was rescued by her sisters several years later.


CALEVAN : Night Elf Druid

Created: March 2005
Calevan was my first character in World of Warcraft. He was my main character for a very short time. He has a brother named Thoninas (a retired character) and he is Frostwillow’s cousin.


ELUNIA : Night Elf Priest

Created: August 2006
Elunia (also spelled Elunea) was a raid priest from 2006 to 2007. She is Almithara’s sister and cousin of Frostwillow and Calevan.


ALMITHARA : Night Elf Mage

Created: January 2007
Almithara (formerly known as Incendius), was my fourth main character from 2007 to 2010. She raided Lich King content. She is the elder sister of Elunia and cousin to Frostwillow and Calevan.


PALAMEDES : Dwarf Paladin

Created: June 2009
Palamedes (formerly Fierabras) is a dwarf Paladin, he is currently a low level character and I don’t see leveling him anytime soon. He has been on the back burner for a long time.


DARKTIDES : Worgen Warlock

Created: May 2009
Darktides (formerly Merciless) is now being leveled after sitting on the back burner for a while. He was originally a human warlock, but was transformed into a Worgen.


SHANDIAN : Pandaren Shaman

Created: November 2005
Shandian (formerly Redsunspirit / Sunspirit / Nikkoli) was my second main character in WoW. I raided vanilla content with him for a short time. When Mists of Pandaria came out, I changed him into a Pandaren. His name is Chinese for Lightning.


MEIFENG : Pandaren Warrior

Created: February 2010
Meifeng (formerly Titania / Frostbrook / Telasia) is a warrior I created just for fun. My original intention was to do PvP on her, but I never got around to it. I transformed her into a Pandaren after the release of Mists of Pandaria. Her name means “Beautiful Wind” in Chinese.


CHENTUAN : Pandaren Monk

Created: January 2013
This is my newest character, he is currently on the back burner for leveling. He is named after a legendary Chinese Taoist sage ( )



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