I recently had the privilege to see the movie “Lincoln” by Steven Spielberg. I have always truly enjoyed viewing movies about the great figures who helped shape our country. Abraham Lincoln is certainly no exception. What a man he was, a great man with the ability to look beyond the here and now of his time. To look to the future and see that what he could do then in 1865 would forever change the course of human events. The gift, granted unto him by God, to see beyond the color of skin, to see within and find a soul, a human being, with emotions, dreams, love and hope. What we wear over our muscle and bones is not what matters, it’s what is within. Lincoln saw this in a time when the majority thought that negros were dumb, cast out by God as imperfect and born to serve the white man. It is thanks to that seed planted by Abraham Lincoln in 1865 that all men and women are created equal no matter their race. Now, in the twenty-first century, one hundred forty eight years after Lincoln passed from the bonds of this earth, we bear witness to the fruit of his endeavor. Men and women of color enjoying all that freedom has to offer. Because of that drive and vision that Lincoln had, black men and women can pursue the dreams they hold in their hearts. While there is still imperfection and the dream isn’t as good as it can be, it is nonetheless a reality. A reality that also owes an enormous gratitude to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who grabbed hold of Lincoln’s banner and carried it forth with proud and unending determination.

All of us who call ourselves human beings are indebted to a man, who bravely raised his shining beacon of freedom and equality among the darkness of slavery, to cast out the hate and proclaim that all are created equal: Abraham Lincoln.


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