I was reading in today’s USA Today about the terrorist attack in Boston and found the wording used in one article headline very irritating. It read “Post 9/11 calm, shattered”. I feel that line really does describe the almost relaxed attitude that we have taken in the nearly 12 years since the 9/11 attacks. So why did we relax our guard? As time progressed, we became less and less alert, relaxed in our daily routines. Had we kept our guard up, kept our wits sharp, we may have been able to prevent the horrible disaster in Boston yesterday. We cannot for a moment allow our guard to falter. These cowards are on our home soil, killing our American brothers and sisters. We are a family and we have to protect one another, protect the land we so dearly love and keep it safe. Allowing people to walk into this country with malicious intent is just not acceptable. While we have stepped up airport security, we haven’t stepped up urban security. These people can fly into our country, never get a background check done on them and just toss a backpack full of explosives into a trash can at a public event. We cannot allow the United States to become a battleground for terrorism. As to how we can prevent such things from happening, I leave that in the capable hands of the experts. But I think you can share my concern that we simply dropped the ball on security at yesterday’s Boston Marathon.

I pray that those who lost loved ones will find God’s merciful love and comfort, that those who were injured will heal and move forward in their lives. I also pray that we as Americans band together and make sure our government does what it’s being paid to do, support and defend the American way, keep Americans safe and do whatever it takes to bring those responsible under the strong arm of justice. No capital punishment will ever bring back the 8 year old boy killed yesterday, nor will it heal the physical or psychological wounds of those who were there. But in all things, God stands as witness to everything and while justice may be served here and now by mortals, it will also be served by Heaven for eternity.


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