Our guild successfully downed Garalon in Heart of Fear last week. In this fight you essentially tank the bug in the middle of the terrace as four people act as “pheromone carriers”. As one person grabs the pheromones, they accumulate stacks of pheromones on them which can cause damage over time. So in order to alleviate this damage, you pass the pheromones to another carrier. They run around the outside of the terrace, dropping pheromone pools as they go. Then it’s just a process of switching pheromones back and forth between the four players, allowing stacks to expire. So here is our guild kicking bug butt. My character is Frostwillow, Night Elf Hunter, and I was one of the pheromone carriers.

This is the full fight with voice comms included.

If you’re looking for an awesome casual raiding guild in World of Warcraft, send me a message in-game – my RealID is kevharris@me.com – our guild plays on Suramar (Alliance) and we’re presently building a second raid team. We also enjoy doing guild events together such as fun raids of older content, world boss events and doing dailies as a group.



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