20130212-154649.jpgSo for some time now I have been pondering the idea (which is actually something a lot of people have been pondering) of using my iPad as an actual workstation. So I went out and grabbed a few items I would need to make it so.

First and foremost is a wireless Bluetooth keyboard, I got the sleek Apple keyboard because of its small footprint and awesome feel under the fingers. Second, an iPad stand from Griffin Technologies called Loop. It’s an awesome stand with several options for iPad placement. Plus it’s weighted, so it’s not going to slide all over the place.

Then I setup a special Google account for my work related stuff and a Google Drive setup. I then downloaded Google Drive to my iPad.

Now with Google Docs and Google Drive, I can write down ideas for stories, just plain ideas and notes as well. Then the information is accessible anywhere on any device capable of running Google Drive.

And then there is this post, which was composed entirely on my iPad with my new setup using the WordPress app for iPad (which totally rocks btw). I have joined the twenty-first century. 🙂


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