One thing I have been witness to for many years now is something very sad. Something very tragic. It is the loss of the inner child. What happens to us when we grow up? Why do we lose that youthful spirit, the spirit of adventure, curiosity, exploration? We shouldn’t! I think it’s extremely important that people not lose that child-like attitude as they grow older.

I, for one, have held onto my inner child and I embrace it on many occasions. Sure there are times when you have to be mature and deal with situations. But then there are those times when you’re not doing anything and wondering what you possibly could do. It’s called boredom. If there is one thing I know about kids, it’s that they rarely (if ever) get bored. They are masters at finding something to spark their interest, to intrigue them. As adults, whenever we get bored we sit our fat asses down in front of the tv, pop open a beer or a bag of chips and just vegetate. Meanwhile a child would be expanding their minds, or their eye/hand coordination via a game. Or even just using their imagination, of which they often have in abundance. And that is what I am talking about. Imagination, the ability to make something out of nothing. Most people lose that ability, and it saddens me.

Another good example of how sad it is that we lose our inner child is the recent blizzard up in the northeast. People are bitching and moaning, “oh this is aweful, so much snow. I wish this had never happened, this is a pain in the ass…blah blah blah…”

Meanwhile the kids, despite the fact they don’t have school for a day or so, are enjoying the moment. They are outside, playing, building snow forts, snowmen, making deep snow angels. As I said, enjoying the MOMENT! Because even if kids have to shovel snow with their parents, they recognize this as a MOMENT to be savored. How often does it snow 2-3 feet in some of the places that got snow? Not too often. While the adults whine and moan about it being a terrible inconvenience, the kids are loving every moment of it.

And that’s what I am talking about here. Instead of being a bitchy adult, why not don your coat, mittens and scarf and go out and HAVE FUN! Because if we had that much snow where I live, you can bet your ass I would be out there, having fun and doing things most adults wouldn’t do because they have buried their inner child and lost that spark of youth. Sure people might laugh at me as I crouch within my snow fortress, but I don’t care. Reason is, I am doing something they are incapable of doing, having youthful fun and enjoying every minute of that MOMENT.


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