When I was addicted to World of Warcraft


(sung to the tune “When I was a lad” from Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore)

(if you don’t know this tune go here and fast forward to 2 min : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLIyWcxPlEU)

Lyrics by Kevin Harris

One day my friend, said it’s time for something new,
to take the old games and bid adieu,
to play night elves, dwarves and little gnomes,
and follow a quest where-ever it roams.

(to follow a quest where-ever it roams)

I said no way, that’s nothing to waft,
I was soon to be addicted to World of Warcraft.

(He said no way, that’s nothing to waft,
He was soon to be addicted to World of Warcraft)

I didn’t want to play, I didn’t want to pay,
but my friend had something else to say,
he bought me the game, what a royal pain,
and I would never ever ever be the same.

(He would never ever ever be the same)

I’d never be the same, so bad I laughed,
because I was addicted to World of Warcraft.

(He’d never be the same, so bad he laughed,
because now he was addicted to World of Warcraft)

I played day and night, I played night and day,
I was such a zombie there was nothing I could say,
I quested here and quested there,
and got a pet that was a bear.

(He got a pet that was a bear)

I quested so much that I was daft,
because I was addicted to World of Warcraft.

(He quested so much that he was daft,
because he was addicted to World of Warcraft)

I leveled my toon so very very fast,
I wasn’t sure the addiction would last,
I reached top levels with incredible glee,
that end game I would surely see.

(That end game he would surely see)

I raided with my guild, I was never abaft,
because I was a raider in World of Warcraft.

(He raided with his guild, he was never abaft,
because he was a raider in World of Warcraft)

But soon the game lost it’s appeal,
my bank account needed time to heal,
playing late at night made me look so goth,
and so I stopped playing in Azeroth.

(He stopped playing in Azeroth)

I stopped playing it, no longer indraft,
I beat my addiction to World of Warcraft.

(He stopped playing it, no longer indraft,
He beat his addiction to World of Warcraft)

Now people all, whatever you may be,
be it nerd, geek and or gamer see,
whether you play games or choose not to,
be careful to be guided by this golden rule–

Don’t ever buy this game, or you’ll get the shaft
and you’ll be addicted to World of Warcraft.

(Don’t ever buy this game, or you’ll get the shaft,
and you’ll be addicted to World of Warcraft)


Energy Drinks Need to be Banned!

Twenty years ago, I was guzzling Mountain Dew at a rate of ten cans (sometimes more) a day. I was addicted to that caffeine rush and constantly wanting to be alert. This continued until 1998 when I suffered a transient ischemic attack. My heart essentially went into overdrive and started losing beats. After the cardiologist found out how much caffeine I was ingesting he told me “Knock out the caffeine or this will become permanent.”

I took his advice to heart (pun) and weened myself off of caffeinated beverages. I had a couple more TIAs and then eventually they ceased I haven’t had one since. I haven’t drank anything with caffeine since then. Sure I know even decaf tea has some traces, but it’s not enough to cause me any problems.

I have been, since my experience, very much against energy drinks, which are the modern day equivalent of the Mountain Dew I used to drink, but with far greater levels of caffeine and stimulants. Recent investigations have shown that these energy drinks put a horrendous strain on the heart and body. Sure they make you awake, alert and able to get through the day. But at what cost? I would never want anyone to go through what I went through, even once. It wasn’t fun. More and more research is being done on these energy drinks and the findings just keep coming up with worse and worse scenarios.

The manufacturers of these drinks assure us that these drinks are safe. Isn’t that kind of like the tobacco industry telling people cigarettes are safe? Or the cocaine dealer telling you, it’s safe to snort! Because when you consider the effects on the body and the resulting addiction, caffeine is as much a drug as cocaine, marijuana and other nasty things that can destroy your body. So I say ignore what the manufacturers are saying and look at the statistics that have just started coming into the light…

Emergency Room Visits caused by Energy Drink consumption (people aged 18-39):

10,068 in 2007
20,783 in 2011
(58% caused by energy drinks alone, 42% caused by energy drinks combined with alcohol)

13 people have died over a four year period between 2008 and 2012 possibly linked to energy drink consumption. A low number, but one that is steadily going to increase.

Not only is the caffeine a problem, but also the additives that are in energy drinks: taurine, guarana, creatine and herbal supplements. Those additives can contain caffeine or caffeine like properties and also some can actually intensify the effect of caffeine. Most of these additives are unregulated.

The biggest problem is that people consume these energy drinks and then within a short period of time afterward, go exercise. When exercising you are pushing your heart to its limits, add the witches brew of caffeine and additives to the equation and the solution is not a pretty one. The heart goes out of bounds and the result is a heart attack. People also are drinking these things on an empty stomach, so the absorption rate is multiplied several times and the body is overwhelmed with a rush of chemicals. This can completely stress the heart and even your brain.

Normally you should only consume 200mg of caffeine a day. These energy drinks multiply that number a ton! That’s a huge amount of caffeine for the body to process and deal with.

In closing, I feel that the Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration need to put legislation in place to ban the use of energy drinks or to regulate energy drinks in such a ways as to prevent people from downing them like candy.

When you consider how fragile the human body really is and how precious life is, is it really worth it to risk your health (long term and short term) just so you feel energized for a few hours? I don’t think it is. I have survived for over twenty years without caffeine, I am not dozing off in the middle of the day, I get a good night’s sleep. And that is a topic for another time.



My iPad Workstation

20130212-154649.jpgSo for some time now I have been pondering the idea (which is actually something a lot of people have been pondering) of using my iPad as an actual workstation. So I went out and grabbed a few items I would need to make it so.

First and foremost is a wireless Bluetooth keyboard, I got the sleek Apple keyboard because of its small footprint and awesome feel under the fingers. Second, an iPad stand from Griffin Technologies called Loop. It’s an awesome stand with several options for iPad placement. Plus it’s weighted, so it’s not going to slide all over the place.

Then I setup a special Google account for my work related stuff and a Google Drive setup. I then downloaded Google Drive to my iPad.

Now with Google Docs and Google Drive, I can write down ideas for stories, just plain ideas and notes as well. Then the information is accessible anywhere on any device capable of running Google Drive.

And then there is this post, which was composed entirely on my iPad with my new setup using the WordPress app for iPad (which totally rocks btw). I have joined the twenty-first century. 🙂

Never bury your inner child!

One thing I have been witness to for many years now is something very sad. Something very tragic. It is the loss of the inner child. What happens to us when we grow up? Why do we lose that youthful spirit, the spirit of adventure, curiosity, exploration? We shouldn’t! I think it’s extremely important that people not lose that child-like attitude as they grow older.

I, for one, have held onto my inner child and I embrace it on many occasions. Sure there are times when you have to be mature and deal with situations. But then there are those times when you’re not doing anything and wondering what you possibly could do. It’s called boredom. If there is one thing I know about kids, it’s that they rarely (if ever) get bored. They are masters at finding something to spark their interest, to intrigue them. As adults, whenever we get bored we sit our fat asses down in front of the tv, pop open a beer or a bag of chips and just vegetate. Meanwhile a child would be expanding their minds, or their eye/hand coordination via a game. Or even just using their imagination, of which they often have in abundance. And that is what I am talking about. Imagination, the ability to make something out of nothing. Most people lose that ability, and it saddens me.

Another good example of how sad it is that we lose our inner child is the recent blizzard up in the northeast. People are bitching and moaning, “oh this is aweful, so much snow. I wish this had never happened, this is a pain in the ass…blah blah blah…”

Meanwhile the kids, despite the fact they don’t have school for a day or so, are enjoying the moment. They are outside, playing, building snow forts, snowmen, making deep snow angels. As I said, enjoying the MOMENT! Because even if kids have to shovel snow with their parents, they recognize this as a MOMENT to be savored. How often does it snow 2-3 feet in some of the places that got snow? Not too often. While the adults whine and moan about it being a terrible inconvenience, the kids are loving every moment of it.

And that’s what I am talking about here. Instead of being a bitchy adult, why not don your coat, mittens and scarf and go out and HAVE FUN! Because if we had that much snow where I live, you can bet your ass I would be out there, having fun and doing things most adults wouldn’t do because they have buried their inner child and lost that spark of youth. Sure people might laugh at me as I crouch within my snow fortress, but I don’t care. Reason is, I am doing something they are incapable of doing, having youthful fun and enjoying every minute of that MOMENT.

Hi, my name is Kevin…



For those of you who don’t know me, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kevin and I am a professional graphic artist and founder of my own design studio: Pixelworx Idea Factory. I have been doing graphic design for over seven years, formally for two years. When I am not working, I am doing one of the following:

  • Composing neoclassical music – I have over 60 compositions under my belt
  • Writing books – I have three published books in the Fantasy genre
  • Spending time with Tango and Kody, my Whippets (that’s a breed of dog – google it)
  • Going for walks with aforementioned dogs
  • Playing World of Warcraft or Minecraft

And that’s basically it. I am glad to “meet” you!  🙂